5.11 Tactical - Always Be Ready Review 2021

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We cannot possibly predict what is going to happen every minute of the day, but we can prepare for it! In the gear we carry, the clothes we wear, the mindset we hold. Whether we are on duty or off duty, in our country, or out of cell range. WE ARE ALWAYS READY!

This is the exact motto and spirit of 5.11 Tactical practices throughout their store. they push you to your extreme limits and set new boundaries every day because they want you to trust your instincts and training and 5.11 gear.

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What is 5.11 Tactical?

5.11 Tactical® began developing an extensive law enforcement line in 2003. The designers' team works together with public safety professionals to create gear that meets the needs of real people in the field. In 2012, 5.11 elevated to the challenge of redesigning our women’s collection to create better fitting and higher performing options. The women’s category has grown to include premium uniforms, covert clothing, fitness apparel, and more. 5.11 has now expanded into the outdoor and fitness markets with products like the Vaporlite short and the ABR trainer. 

Product Categories on 5.11

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Footwear
  • Bags & Packs
  • Accessories
  • Professional

Product Details

Men’s Pants: 

Combining superior craftsmanship, modern technology, and precise engineering, 5.11 pants are the backbone of 5.11 Tactical clothing. Each 5.11 pant line is built around a mission-specific battery of requirements. Materials selection, fabric types, stitching style, pocket sizing, and augmentations are all integrated to provide the user with a high-quality pant that excels in a particular role. From the full-featured utility and dependability of traditional Tactical Pant to the industry-specific pockets on EMS Pant, all of the 5.11 pants for men are crafted with performance in mind. Designed with direct input from operators on the field, and integrating a wealth of patented features and functions you won’t find anywhere else, 5.11 Tactical sets the global standard for high-performance pants for men.

Plate Carriers and Vests:

5.11 offers a wide selection of plate carriers that are not only heavy-duty with maximum versatility but also comfortable to wear for extended periods. Features include an adjustable waist and tensional bands, one-handed quick release, oversized airflow panels, and much more. The plate carriers are constructed of abrasion-resistant, high-quality nylon for the ultimate in durability and longevity. 5.11 offers a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. 


5.11 Tactical footwear is worn by police forces, EMS specialists, firefighting professionals, and tactical operators around the globe. From hardened military boots to covert and comfortable tactical shoes, the tactical footwear gives you the traction, agility, and resilience to maintain peak performance all day long. 5.11 tactical boots are also ideally suited to hiking, hunting, and camping, and our low-profile tactical footwear is perfect for both casual and CCW wear. Whatever the environment, and wherever your next mission takes you, 5.11 Tactical boots & footwear are engineered to give you lasting performance and utility without slowing you down.

Bags And Packs:

5.11 bags are designed to excel in even the toughest conditions and a wide range of operational and recreational settings. Whether you are searching for a reliable gear pack for tour next hunting trip or a full-sized tactical bag for extended travel, you will find what you need at 5.11. 

The bags are constructed from heavy-duty, premium quality materials that are designed to perform under any conditions. You will discover precision-engineered rifle and pistol cases, MOLLE-compatible web platform pouches, sling packs, backpacks, and fire and EMS bags.

Law Enforcement Gear:

5.11 proudly provides police gear and police supplies to law enforcement agencies across the country and around the world. From high retention, low drag holsters to durable and versatile PDUs, 5.11 police gear is engineered with direct input from operators in the field, ensuring unbeatable resilience, reliability, and utility when it matters most.

Fire Fighter:

5.11 Fire and EMS Gear is designed and manufactured at the direction of Fire and Emergency Services professionals from around the world. Crafted specifically for use by first responders and firefighters, 5.11 Fire and EMS Gear offers a full range of boots, uniforms, and accessories that are built to stand up to the toughest situations and environments while retaining a professional appearance.

Treated with Tefon® for enhanced soil, stain, and moisture resistance, the EMS gear offers industry-specific features that make your life easier. Available in multiple colors to meet any departmental dress code, the durable and comfortable fire station apparel offers anti-fade, anti-wrinkle characteristics that keep you looking your best throughout your shift.


5.11 Tactical is offering a handsome discount on some of its products. Don’t miss out on such an opportunity! 


5.11 Tactical stands out from all other brands because of its strong motto. ALWAYS BE READY. This tagline fuels them to produce products of the finest quality and they very will live up to our expectations. 5.11 is a complete store for those who are looking for apparel and gear that will endure through the toughest situations. 

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung

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