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Have you ever wanted a pair of shoes that were stylish and equally eco-friendly? Well, only a few companies manufacture the best product with conscious standards. And Allbirds Review 2022 is the best brand of all!


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Tim Brown, a New Zealand native, and Joey Zwillinger, a San Francisco-based engineer and renewables expert, founded the business. It manufactures shoes from sustainable materials such as merino wool, eucalyptus pulp, and the world's first sugarcane EVA foam. Its original Wool Runners ($95) launched the firm, offering more than a dozen models, ranging from water-resistant shoes to ballerina flats.

Allbirds sneakers range in price from $95 to $145 and come in a variety of colors. In addition to footwear, Allbirds discount code debuted a clothing collection last October that includes closet essentials such as cardigans and a classic puffer coat, all of why in price from $48 to $250.

Overall, its products are breathable, lightweight, low-maintenance, and unabashedly comfy, although each piece has some notable differences.

The complete collection of Allbirds footwear and clothes is available here, along with a quick firsthand insight into what to anticipate from each design.

Allbirds Review – Product Details

1. Allbirds Tree Dasher Relay

The Tree Dasher Relay from Allbirds is a performance shoe with an easy slip-on style. It's as comfy as the brand's Dasher and has a flared heel for extra stability. Senior writer Mara Leighton characterized the light fabric framing the top of the shoe as a "resilient hammock" for your foot after putting the sneaker to the test on a 5K run.

Tree Dasher

Men's Tree Dasher Relay - Price: $98 at Allbirds

Overall, we found the fit to be tight but flexible, with no overheating the interior cushion. The Relay is now available in a range of 15 hues at a slashed price with Allbirds discount healthcare.

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2. Allbirds Wool Runners

The wool runners are Allbirds' most famous silhouettes. They're lightweight, breathable, and reasonably supportive. You may wear these with or without socks (like with other Allbirds shoes). However, we've noticed that if you go sockless regularly in the summer, you may want to wash the insole periodically. It's also nice that they're machine-washable, but we'd spend your $95 on a color that would cover some scuffs and grime.

Wool Runner

Men's Wool Runners - Price: $98 at Allbirds

The Allbirds Wool Runners are available with a price tag of $95. For a further discounted price, you can use our exclusive Allbirds coupon code given above!

3. Allbirds Wool Piper

Unconverted consumers sometimes complain that the original Runners aren't their style. But it's difficult to criticize the Wool Piper, an Allbirds' rendition of a traditional cup sole shoe.

Wool Pipers

Women's Wool Pipers - Price: $98 at Allbirds

The shoes are just as comfy and low-maintenance as other Allbirds models, and they're made with the same sustainable materials (merino wool and SweetFoam bottoms). Still, the low tops are considerably more flexible. As a result, the Wool Pipers could be our favorite pair yet. Get a discount on the Wool Piper shoes with our Allbirds Review 2022.

In-person, they're comfy right out of the box, but one of us was irritated after a long weekend in a brand-new pair. We expect them to relax into a custom-fit with time, similar to the Runners.

4. Allbirds Wool Loungers

The Wool Loungers are soft, breathable, and supportive, similar to a more robust form of a house slipper. The body feels like a long, comfy sock that glides with you, and the sole is solid but lightweight. Overall, we think they're great for wearing indoors or as ordinary outdoor shoes. You can also get an Allbirds discount code on your purchase of Wool Loungers.

Wool Loungers

Women's Wool Lounger - Price: $98 at Allbirds

After two years of use, several of us had to replace worn-out insoles ($15) and noted the top had lost part of its form as it molded to our feet, but nothing too apparent.

5. Allbirds Dasher

The Dasher, Allbirds' first-ever athletic sneaker, was a pleasant surprise for us. It's a perfect daily running shoe, but if you have particular demands or prefer a narrower base over stability, you might want to invest in a different men's or women's sneaker.


Men's Tree Dasher - Price: $125 at Allbirds

The Dasher combines all of Allbirds' sustainable elements into a single shoe: merino wool, SweetFoam bottoms, and a eucalyptus pulp knit top. Its foundation is more stable than many neutral shoes we've tried, and the knit upper enables the foot to move freely. However, even though the knit allows for more ventilation, the Dashers are a little hotter than our favorite neutral shoes.

The cushioning of the Dasher is arguably its finest attribute. It's more visible than a minimalist running shoe, but it's not as thick or as cushioned as the Hoka One One. Along with a wide platform that provides strong stability on a variety of terrains, that results in a pleasant and stable ride nearly everywhere.

6. Allbirds Tree Breezers

According to our Allbirds review, the Tree Breezers are "very much a dream come true" for lightweight, flexible, breathable flats that you'll reach for day after day. They aren't as supportive as Allbirds' sneakers, but they are more cushioned than you may think. They've also aged beautifully owing to the Tree fabric's structure, which retains its form better than wool versions.

Allbird Breezers

Women's Tree Breezers - Price: $98 at Allbirds

Our testers experienced everything from a minor rubbing on our ankles on day one (and none after) to zero pain or blisters on a 20-block stroll right out of the box. We all have more fashionable pairs of flats, but we all agree that we prefer them because of their enormous comfort.

7. Allbirds Mizzle

The primary disadvantage of Allbirds is that if you walked in a puddle while wearing wool shoes, you'd be out of luck. But not with its Mizzles, which are all-weather. The Mizzles has a water-resistant coating that deflects raindrops, and the shoes have a strengthened sole that provides improved traction on slick terrain.


Women's Wool Runner Mizzles - Price: $115 at Allbirds

Several testers stated that the Mizzles has become their go-to shoes for strolling around on wet days due to the warm merino wool and how lightweight they are compared to rain boots. The fit was somewhat snug for a few testers, which wasn't a dealbreaker but should be considered for anyone in between sizes or who prefers very thick socks.

8. Allbirds Puffer Jacket

The Allbirds Puffer is a traditional yet compact puffer coat constructed from environmentally responsible materials such as recycled nylon and polyester, Tencel, and the brand's ethically sourced wool. Its DWR finish is also fluorine-free and Bluesign-certified. After giving it a shot, we'd recommend opting for something heartier for the money if you live somewhere with harsh winters.


Women's Puffer Jacket - Price: $250 at Allbirds

However, in terms of aesthetics, it is pretty flexible. The Puffer design is modest — the logo is a small monochrome circular patch on one arm — and while properly puffy, it nevertheless has a reasonably streamlined shape. Get your hands on the incredible Puffer Jacket with Allbirds Discount Healthcare.

9. Allbirds TrinoXO T-shirt

Allbirds TrinoXO T-shirt

Natural Gray Men's Sea Tea - Price: $48 at Allbird

Another impeccable classic is the TrinoXO T-shirt. It's a simple T-shirt, but it's an essential, everyday basic T-shirt. The material, produced in part from discarded snow crab shells, is softer, silkier, and stronger than cotton. If you're only going to buy a few T-shirts and want something breezy with a boxy fit — or if you have $48 to spare — we believe you'll appreciate this.

10. Allbirds TrinoXO Classic Fit T-shirt

Allbirds TrinoXO Classic Fit T-shirt

Natural Black Women's Sea Tea - Price: $48 at Allbirds

The TrinoXO Classic Cut shirt is composed of the same silky material as the TrinoXO T-Shirt, but with a slimmer fit that can be dressed up or down with workwear. For its smooth and light texture, we consider this T-shirt to be one of our all-time favorites, and we're especially fond of the limited-edition pastel Juniper hue.

11. Allbirds TrinoXO Long Sleeve Tee

Allbirds TrinoXO Long Sleeve Tee

Men's Long Sleeve Sea Tea - Price: $58 at Allbirds

The TrinoXO Tee is created from Allbirds' TrinoXO material, with a soft combination of Tencel, merino wool, and chitosan. We discovered that it's opaque enough to wear on its own yet light enough to layer under coats after trying it on. The fit is sleek yet not constricting. Since then, it's become one of our favorite long-sleeve tees.

12. The Cardi

The Cardi

Men's Wool Cardi - Price: $108 at Allbirds 

The wool sweaters are the outstanding goods of the first Allbirds apparel line, according to both testers. The Wool Cardi is soft like cashmere but dense like wool, and its weight keeps the slightly larger silhouette in place without seeming heavy. It's the type of perfect essential you'll find yourself returning to again and again. Its temperature management is also a significant benefit - I can wear it outside or inside without overheating after a given length of time. It's really simple and comfortable.

13. Allbirds Long Wool Cardi

Long Wool Cardi

Women's Long Wool Cardi - Price: $108 at Allbirds

Allbirds' Long Wool Cardi offers the same features as the Wool Cardi but wore a drapey shape. The merino wool fabric maintains temperature indoors and out, and the extra length is ideal for lounging. Layering beneath a heavier coat, according to our testers, is a little more challenging due to the snug fit, but it makes a lovely standalone item in spring and fall.

The Final Thoughts

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