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Furniture has evolved from only being an essential utility piece to a stunning designer symbol that brings in luxurious vibes to our gorgeous spaces. The grace and beauty of a home with the perfect décor are only complete with the placement of the best piece of furniture in the right place.

But the quality of the furniture is as essential as it is looked to enhance your space. We are flooded with the options of a range of furniture, starting from coffee tables to sofas from a variety of brands.But making the right choice is essential. Arhaus is a premium furniture brand that has been manufacturing designer pieces since 1986 crafted with the best quality materials.

Their skilled craftsmen are incredibly passionate about designing beautiful home furnishings that bring their 30 years of experience into life. We are sure you have taken a look at every Arhaus reviews on the internet to see if it’s the best brand. Read this complete review until the end, and we are sure you will be able to decide.

Why Arhaus is the perfect furniture brand for your home?


Arhaus is the exclusive designer of quality home and outdoor furniture. Each of their furniture pieces is customized by their creative team, which makes it unique. Their furniture pieces are the perfect choice to add some style and utility to your home.Want to fuse creative vibes into your quality furniture pieces? Arhaus furniture is the perfect blend of creativity and quality that makes their exquisite designer product stands out among their competitors.
What makes them unique among the other furniture brands? Arhaus mainly focuses on detailing and seeks design inspirations from around the world to craft each of their furniture pieces stunningly.

Arhaus reviews indicate that they continuously innovate new designs to broaden their range of furniture styling options to maximize the use of your space. Many of their furniture pieces are multi-purpose to create the best utility.

Quality of Arhaus Furniture Collection

Arhaus has a wide variety of collections for every home. You can create any look you want for your entire home, with their furniture. They manufacture and design furniture for your bedroom, living room, dining room, outdoor, office room, etc. You are wondering if their quality is as good as their diverse range?

Despite having such a massive line of production, they have strict quality checks at every crucial point, which maintains their premium quality. Arhaus outsource their goods to companies located abroad instead of self-manufacturing their products. But still, there is never any compromise in quality since they ensure strict checks and criteria for every manufacture. Are you a fan of hand-made crafts?

Well, then there is good news for you! All their furniture is crafted carefully with hands paying attention to the materials being used. Arhaus reviews show that they are in love with hardwood, Elm, and Cheery being their favorite picks. Their fabrics are 100% organic, and they continuously hunt for the best and latest materials so that their furniture adds the best value to your home.

Glam up your room’s décor with Arhaus Furniture

Want to add a mystic charm to your beautiful spaces with Arhaus furniture? They have uniquely crafted furniture pieces for each of your rooms. Let us have a look at their wide range of furniture collections for each of your rooms.

Arhaus Dining Room Furniture Pieces

Who does not want their dining room to have the perfect luxurious feel? The perfect look and theme of your dining space will decide how your home looks. Arhaus has a wide range of dining room furniture collections, starting from tables and chairs to kitchen cabinets and storage collections.

Their dining tables come in all styles, modern, classic, or contemporary. Would love to have a dining space that is different from others?  Arhaus reviews have stated that they have almost over 35 designer collections, each crafted to give a distinctive look.

Pick any of your favorite materials from their store:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Walnut
  • Metal
  • Stone

If you have a little high budget and if it suits the décor of your room, always go for solid hardwood. It is the best material to add some class and elegance to your dining space, along with durability.

Why should you go for Arhaus dining room pieces?

Their wooden range has versatile, unique finishes that provide the best protection to the wood and have flexibility when it comes to shades to customize it to fit your taste.

Picky about the shade of your dining table? Neutral pastels or bold fiery orange, whatever is your preference, they have a piece for everyone.

It does not matter whether your family has four members or twelve. Arhaus reviews state that they have a dining table for every family.

Love matching accessories and chairs for your dining table? Each of their dining spaces has accessories and chair sets with benches that complement your dining space.

Arhaus has round, rectangular as well as oval dining room furniture pieces so that their collection looks good in every space, small or big. Just pick the one for you.

Arhaus, dining room collection has been beautifully crafted and designed to add sophistication to your dining space in a highly affordable range.

Arhaus Living Room Furniture Pieces

The living room is the life of the décor of any home! It serves as a center of attraction and highlights the beauty of every home. We all know how crucial it is for living spaces to look stunning and glamorous.

They offer multiple seating options like:

  • Loveseats
  • Ottomans
  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Chaises
  • Benches
  • Chairs

Each of these pieces is available in varied styles, be it traditional, modern, or classic. Arhaus reviews show that there is a wide range of options when it comes to sizes and multiple seats.

Here’s why Arhaus living room pieces are your perfect match

Want your living room furniture to complement the color theme and décor of the space? Arhaus provides you over ten different shades to choose from that can get as close to your styling as possible.

It does not matter whether you are a fan of fabrics or a leather lover, Arhaus gives you unique microfiber options so that your furniture gets adequate protection from wear and tear. Want style along with durability? Their leather collection is your go-to.

Their most comprehensive collection of sofas features a lot of variety, starting from rolled arm sofas to square arms. Make the best use of your space by having a conversation with your dealer.

No brand can beat the glam and sophistication of their gorgeous furniture pieces. Though Arhaus reviews indicate that their high tier furniture can be a bit above your budget range, the pieces at the lower end have a decent quality along with looks that can reasonably fit within your budget and add value to your home.

Look at these Arhaus Classic Looks for all your room décor Experiments

Laurel Canyon

Want to create a comforting, luxurious vibe with your décor? This look is created using rich, expensive leather along with fossilized wood and accents that have a strong resemblance to the California sun.  This look has been inspired by varied sources but has an earthly touch to it, which makes it a rare, unconventional Bohemian Beauty.

Notting Hill

This isn’t 90’s typical romantic décor! This look has been furnished with light accents and soft layers to give an easy-breezy modern romantic feel. Want to add some warmth and welcoming vibes to your décor? This look has been inspired by antique ideas and looks feminine.

Urban Farmhouse

Want a bright and fresh look for your rooms? The Arhaus reviews have stated that this farmhouse look has touches of vintage-vibes but still feels modern. It has been furnished with rustic accents that add a sense of charm to your décor. Decorate your room with this look to add a relaxed and chilled vibe.


Express your bold and confident personality with this understated décor look. The look takes its inspiration from the idea “Less is More,” and so has been furnished with uncomplicated, sleek pieces that look extremely neat with the clean lines. Let your high fashion styling sense come into life with subtle, neutral, and pastel hues.


Want the detailing of your room décor designs to be inspired by the seashores? Make your space unbelievably cozy and classic with the natural textures and materials in Crisp Whites and Deep Blues of this inspiration. The look has been furnished with luxurious layers that make it a perfect choice for your bedroom.


Contrasts can make magic happen when it comes to room décor! Add dramatic vibes into your space with this look furnished with a striking accent and soft fabrics with an extraordinary pop of bold color. This design inspiration is an actual resemblance of “Keeping It Simple Yet Elegant’.

We hope, with the help of these Arhaus reviews, and you have become well accustomed to the quality and options of Arhaus Furniture by now. Trust their quality and marvelous designs for your home and visit their nearest store.

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung

Natasha is Research Analyst and loves to express her findings in reviews. She was previously working for a Fashion Startup in Thailand. She is Foodie and Travelling is her major Hobby.