BarkBox Reviews 2024 - Why Do All The Pups Love It?

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Special Offer - Free Funboy Sled With A Multi Month Subscription

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If you are one of the people who have a curly fellow in their house, you must know how special it is to be treated like a best friend. Your dog is like your best buddy, who is always there for you no matter what. It is certain that you might have many friends, but they do not compare to the adorable little thing you have in your house.

Admit it when I say, whenever your horn beeps outside the house, the dog's ears perk up with happiness. It starts wiggling its tail in excitement. And as soon as you enter the house, it jumps up to greet you. Why is that so? Because you are THE GREATEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD for it!

If there is someone who treats you like this, you should definitely give it the love it deserves. And that is where BarkBox comes to your rescue!

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What Is Barkbox?

Now that you have been intrigued by it and have heard about it from wherever you go, you might be curious about it. I am sure that you must be asking, "What is the hype about?" 

Let me ease your curiosity. Basically, BarkBox is like an all-in-one surprise for your dog. The moment you and your dog lay eyes on it, you will definitely fall in love. I know you do not believe me yet, but after you go through everything, you will definitely want to try it yourself.

Now coming to the fact about what BarkBox is, it is a monthly surprise package that would be delivered to your doorstep once you subscribe to their offer. You just have to register for the monthly subscription and select your package. After this, you can enjoy the monthly package and make the most of it. It involves all kinds of things that your dog needs, and it is guaranteed that you won't opt for anything else.

How Does Bark Box Work?

BarkBox has been serving dogs and their owners for a really long time. Surprisingly, it has accompanied over 200,000 dogs till now, and the users absolutely adore it. And it has been seen that once people subscribe to it, they do not leave it.

how does bark box work

What do you have to do to be blessed by this amazing package? You just have to contact the company of BarkBox and subscribe to the package that is most suitable for you.

Once you select the package, they will inquire about the size of your dog. The size of your dog is evaluated by the weight of your dog. The smallest size is under 20 pounds. It then increases to medium with a weight of 20 pounds to 50 pounds. The biggest size of the dog is above 50 pounds. Why do they need this information? Actually, they have special treats for the dogs and often come with cute costumes too. In order to customize the package so that nothing will be compromised, they try to find out the full detail of the dog.  The next step is to confirm the billing information. Usually, the people have to pay for the subscription on the 3rd of every month, and the package arrives at the doorstep on the 15th of every month. You just have to trust them completely, and it is assured that they will still leave you surprised.

Fully Customised Boxes for Pups - Claim Offers at BarkBox Here.

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What happens if you don't like the toy?

That is not a problem for them. If you receive a toy that you and your dog do not like, you don't have to worry a bit. The Barkbox company can provide you with an alternate, or you could just go to their website and buy the toy you really like.

Just keep in mind that they do their best to provide you with the perfect things for your dog. And to improve your experience, you just have to help them in deciding the things for you. Once you get used to their service, it keeps on getting better every month.

What Comes In a BarkBox?

Now comes the most interesting part. One can say that this is the part that most readers were waiting for. Of course, if you are going to buy a thing, you must know what comes inside it and what does it have to offer. I agree you can't risk buying a thing without knowing what awaits you.

What comes in Barkbox?

Without further ado, let's dive right in and find out what treats it has to offer. 

The BarkBox basic subscription has two delicious treat packs, two fluffy and squishy toys, and one themed surprise.

Treat Packs:

Talking about the treat packs it has to offer, you can be relaxed to know that they take perfect care of their customers. They make their treats free of artificial ingredients and provide the best. They know that most dogs are allergic to peanuts, cashews, soybeans, or other related ingredients. To avoid this, they make their treats from the finest ingredients that will be safe for your dog. And to avoid any type of allergies and infections, they make sure that they are hygienic and 100% natural and made from the finest quality.

Plushy Toys:

What about the plushy toys they have to offer?

The plushy toys are mostly colorful toys made with soft material that is safe for your dog. The toys are specially designed by the designers of the company, and they are specifically structured for dogs to chew. Most of these toys are chewable and make a squeaky noise. We all know that dogs love things that make funny noises!

Special Surprise:

What's so special about the special surprise? Is it something from the usual box?

Let's just say that the special toy is an item made especially for your dog. Each month has a special theme, and the surprise gift is from the themed collection. For suppose if it is the month of October, it will contain a Halloween-themed item. On the other hand, if the month of December is going on, you will receive the special package for Christmas. It is indeed exciting that you will be getting a special item every month just for the enjoyment of your happy fellow. And I'm sure that your dog will love it as much as you. Because it has been seen that dogs are fond of their things and as soon as they hear the noise they make, they can't resist the items.

BarkBox Subscription

Moving on to the serious matters. You must be curious about the subscription charges and their plans. Just so you know, they have various subscription plans made for everybody. They keep the considerations of the customers in view while selecting the items for the customers. 

The BarkBox has three types of subscriptions. The monthly subscription, the two-month subscription, and the six-month subscription. You can select the subscription that you like the most and enjoy your package.

One Month Subscription:

The one-month subscription is $36 per month. You can buy this subscription package if you think that you need to try it out first. It can also be suitable for you if you think that a month's box will be enough to spend some time on.

Two Month Subscription:

The two monthly subscriptions give you the advantage of saving worth $9 dollars per month. How is that so?

Well, if you buy two monthly subscriptions, you will have to pay $26 per box. You can just buy the subscription and enjoy the boxes till your heart desires.

Six Months Subscription:

A six months subscription can give you the advantage that no other can give. How is that possible?

If you buy a six months subscription, you can sit back and relax. It will give you the comfort of a relaxing time because once you buy the subscription of six months, you can be free from the worry of paying every month. This package is made exactly for you if you have tried BarkBox before and are not afraid to use it again.

What About The Quality Of The Items Inside?

If you are talking about the quality of the BarkBox items, you need not be worried because they make their items with the finest quality and with the best material there is. You can completely rely on them to provide you with the best items.

Their toys are made with the safest material so that your dog can enjoy using the best products. On the other hand, the treats are completely safe to ingest. They are tested by quality examination and analysis. After going through a series of trials and testing, they guarantee that whatever they provide will be of the best material.

The surprise gift that they give is made with love by the designers they have hired. Most dog toys make a lot of mess if you buy them from anyplace else. They complain about the fur that is lost from chewing them, and the material soon starts to damage.

You don't have to worry about that if you are using the BarkBox items. They make sure that the toys are suitable for chewing. They make a pleasant sound when they are chewed and do not make a mess when the dog plays around with it.

Where Are The Items Made?

The items are made in the United States of America. They want their products to be the best, so they don't compromise on the manufacturing of the products. Most of the items are made in Canada. Some of the items are made in Australia, South America, and New Zealand.

That allows them to monitor every product that is made. Moreover, they have supervisors to make sure that everything is up to the mark and nothing is compromised.

Is BarkBox Best For You?

How can you be sure that the BarkBox is exactly what you need?

Well, if you are a person who loves your dog to infinity and want the best things for your best friend, you cannot ignore this package. Moreover, if you are tired of buying things from here and there and are constantly disappointed with the bad quality and the high prices, let me confirm that BarkBox will not leave you disappointed. You will be completely satisfied with it.

What If My Dog Has Allergies?

Most dog owners are worried about the products when it comes to allergies. Often dogs have allergies to certain things. I know that you want to make sure that your dog does not get sick while using the products. So what should you do in this regard?

Take my advice and contact the BarkBox company. After you tell them the details of your dog and inform them of any allergies that your dog has, they will take care of the rest. Whenever they ship you the package, it would be purely made for you and would be customized to fit your needs.

Ordering & Shipping Of BarkBox

You can confirm your shipping from the company, and you can relax and wait for your products. 

Once you order your package, you just have to wait four days for delivery. If you are a person living in far-off countries, you will have to pay an extra $5 for the delivery and shipping. Otherwise, the shipping is free of cost, and the shippers will give you the product on your doorstep safe and sound with no harm to the products.

BarkBox Promos And Discounts

Indeed, the company leaves nothing behind!

If you are curious about the promos, the discounts, and the coupons, you can just go to their website and find out about the latest sales and discounts. They give discounts from time to time according to the situation or event that is coming.

Sometimes they provide special free gifts inside the box for your dogs.

It can clearly be said that they are free-spirited and leave no exceptions in making you and your dog happy.

Benefits Of BarkBox

  • If you are wondering why they are so famous. This will help you find out:
  • They replace the things your dog does not like, so you get an all-in-one package.
  • They make the costumes tailored to the size of your dog, so your dog can steal the spotlight when you take it for a walk.
  • They give 10% of their profit to shelter dogs for their happiness and safety.
  • Their treats are allergen-free and are made without corn, soy, and wheat.
  • They give exciting discounts every now and then.
  • The customers always love them and leave no negative comments.

Disadvantages Of BarkBox

The disadvantage of BarkBox subscription is that once you subscribe to it, they will renew the service themselves until you cancel the subscription. It becomes a problem for some of the customers because a few of them don’t want a monthly subscription. And when they forget to cancel it, they often get a surprise and they have to pay for it no matter what.

So, when you want to end your subscription, always remember to cancel it before time. Just so you won’t be facing any unwanted surprises.

The other thing is that most of their toys only have one hole that seems to be a problem for dogs when licking. As dogs have the habit of chewing and licking the toys, when they lick that hole, their tongue seems to get stuck in the hole because of the vacuum that is created. Thus, to prevent it from happening, you can either train your dog or choose another toy from them.

What Do The Customers Say?

The customers absolutely love the packages they receive. It is very rare that a customer leaves bad remarks. They will always appreciate the company, and this is the main reason they are so famous.

You can log on to their websites and see for yourself. And soon, you will be one of those happy customers. It has been seen that they are running their business for a really long time and their customer service is unmatched. They treat you like the top-most priority and leave no exception in serving you the right way. No wonder all the customers are completely satisfied with their service. And to be honest, I can guarantee that once you try them, you will have no doubt in their service and you will become one of their permanent customers.

Don’t believe me? Wait and watch for yourself. I can bet that you will thank me later!

"Woof" Me Away!

Want to know what you should do next? Take my advice and try BarkBox. I guarantee you that once you try them., you will not opt for any other service. It will ease your life, and you can surprise your little fellow every month. Your dog will be waiting for the package, and you can even see the happiness in its eyes yourself!


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