Best Drones Under $500- Reviews and Buyer's Guide 

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Are you someone who prefers numerous angles, from all around, while capturing a certain event? Have you ever thought of being able to survey a particular thing on the ground from far above. Despite your desires, have you been discouraged by market rates and have failed to find a drone that is not only affordable, but of high quality, as well? Well, look no further, because we have compiled a list of the best drones under $500, in order to assist you in your search, giving you quality that distinguishes itself as one of the best drone reviews available. 

We will help you to make Better Choice

Do you want to be someone who can capture an event on the ground from various angles up above in the sky? Does the perfectionist in you dread drab ground cameras and the angles associated with them? Are you seeking something that will spice up not just your multimedia, but rather the entire vibe associated with a particular event or object? Have you always yearned for a drone that can encapsulate everything you desire to cover in a way that is nearly perfect, providing you with an all-round experience?

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It can be daunting to invest in technology nowadays, given the high number of scams running rampant in the world. The matter gets harder to trust if you plan on relying on the internet for purchasing an object; you do not only have to face the risk of a damaged device, but also of lack of a warranty or assurance. It is completely okay to hesitate before purchasing a device. In fact, we believe that it may end up being exactly the factor you need to propel you towards making the correct decision. However, it is not healthy to let it overcome you while you are making your decision. Our guide will help dispel your doubts and show you the best way to go about it. 

Is it Worth Buying Drone?

In case you are a beginner, we prefer that you do not purchase anything high end. This means that you should, under all circumstances, steer clear of those drones that are extremely technologically advanced and expensive. These may also be out of budget for quite a lot of people. We will inform you of some of the best drones available in the market at the current moment that will not disable you financially and will enable you to use a device that is of high quality and perfectly suited to your needs. 

Be Wise Before Making Choice

It is wise to practice on less expensive drones as there is a comparatively less chance of you wasting your money in case you are unable to control it properly and crash or damage it in any way. While protecting yourself from prospective damage, you will also be fortifying yourself in a sense that you will gain a lot of experience and will easily be an expert by the time you decide to get a more expensive drone. 

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Bearing these facts in mind, we have constructed the perfect list of the best drones under $500, to aid you in your decision. 

1. Best DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone

(DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone Boost Combo with HD Camera and VR)

DJI Tello Quadcopter

$139.99 from Amazon

This drone is easily usable for adults and children alike, rendering it usable and absolutely perfect for beginners. The drone is a great tool to not just hone your skills in capturing videos but also in finding the best tool to increase your knowledge on drones as compared to the others, since this device aids your learning by informing you of coding in drones.
The drones has an irresistible Virtual Reality headset that aids your flight in a way that is near perfection; you become a bird, viewing the aerial view from the clouds. Not just that, but the amazing technology is supported further by the two antennas it possesses, making transmission of video extremely steady and uninterrupted.

Not only will you experience a great quality of near 720p but will watch it in a flow, getting a great video out of it. This drone possesses an extremely high quality image processor that gives your photographs or videos that extra spice they need to be just perfect.  


  • The photo quality is great, provided that there is sufficient lighting. 
  • It is great for flying indoors as well. 
  • The accessories are worth it- they come in handy in every way possible, especially the guard. 
  • It is extremely easy to grasp for beginners. 
  • It is very simple to control from the ground. 


  • The life of the batteries is only 13 minutes. 
  • The motor may stop functioning after a couple days. 

2. Force1 F100GP Drone Reviews

( Force1 F100GP Drones with Camera for Adults - 1080p HD Camera Compatible GoPro Drone Long Range Brushless Quadcopter Flying Toy)

$79.99 from Amazon

This drone is perfect in case you prefer to learn the technicalities of drones and their ways of flying. This particular drone includes a mount that is compatible with GoPro Heroes 3 and 4, providing you with all the options you need in order to broaden your horizons and information.

This is only just the beginning; the picture quality of this drone is extremely rare and good for a product of this process range, being a whopping 1080p. It possesses high landing gear that protects it when it is mobile in the air and prevents it from any damage in case it crashes or bumps into something. The drone has a battery life of 30 minutes, making its battery life some of the highest. It also has powerful brushless motors and blades that enable it to stay in the air for not just a longer period of time, but be swifter as well. 


  •  It is easy to fly in heavy winds. 
  • It has a detachable camera. 
  • It is extremely easy to operate. 
  • It has a great battery life. 
  • It has a very smooth flight. 


  • The charger may not function properly. 
  • It has a small range over which it operates- it may be easy to lose control of. 

3. DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Reviews

(DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Quadcopter Starters Bundle (Alpine White) )

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Reviews

$387 from Amazon

This drone is perfect to use in all areas, whether in the air or on the land! It has a model that is built efficiently so as to break the buildup of a bulky body. The smoother, streamline body is perfect for using in all scenarios. Forget about the conception you possess in your mind of heavy, difficult to steer drones that do not help in proper image transmission.

This drone is right out of a dream, providing the perfect quality and also the perfect product to support it. It has multiple other features to assist its support. These include an integrated camera that allows the capture of 12MP images while stabilizing the image quality with an in-built motor. The likes of such are very rarely found in the market. The quality of its videos is 1080p, which is excellent considered the rest of the available options. The drone has a speed of 31mp at it’s best, which is a preferable speed for beginners.

The drone can operate in flight mode for about 16 minutes, which is also average time as compared to others in the same category of price. The drone features a GPS system, which allows efficient navigation whether you are indoors or outdoors, allowing you to not only learn about drones to the fullest but also to ensure that it does not crash and damage itself due to unexpected obstacles. On top of this, it possesses a three dimensional object detection system which adds another layer of protection to your drone. Bearing these factors in mind, along with the compact structure of the drone, it is easily one of the most desirable drones out there! 


  • It possesses a great SD card.
  • It is easy to use. 
  •  It has a good range. 
  • It comes with an instruction manual. 
  • You have excellent control over it. 


  • The bundle may not be complete. 
  • It can malfunction after only slight usage. 

4. Force1 U45W Drone Review

( Force1 U45W Blue Jay Drones with Camera for Adults and Kids )

Force1 U45W Drone Review

$59 from Amazon

This drone is absolutely perfect for beginners. Each and every one will surely find themselves comfortable with this device and experience themselves handling it like a professional in just a short span of time! Apart from being extremely easy to use, this drone has multiple features that make it attractive for people looking to buy in the $500 price range.

The drone possesses an HD and grain-less image of about 720p, providing the great quality at such a reasonable price! It can be easily linked with your smartphone through the FlyingSee application and make it as easy as breathing for you to observe live footage transmitted by the drone that you are operating. In addition to that, in-built features such as the Altitude Hold and the Headless Mode not only give you a seemingly professional control on the drone, but also allow you to learn in the best way possible by providing with extremely smooth and efficient functioning. This drone is just perfect for use for beginners.

They are also VR capable, allowing you to view things in a much broader spectrum. Perhaps the most attractive feature is the single button that does miracles by making your drone perform stunts in a 360 degree angle. This renders the drone not only efficient, but also extremely fun. It is highly recommended for children and adults alike. Let your inner child cease the day! 


  • It flies swiftly even at high altitudes! 
  • It offers a great range of accessories along with it. 
  • It is really easy to use. 
  • The live video option is just amazing. 
  • It is a very durable drone. 


  • It may be difficult to control. 
  • The batteries are insufficient. 

5. DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review

(DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone.)

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review

$1,229 from Amazon

This is drone you need to truly master your skills. It has high quality features that will not only teach you in smooth succession but make you adept for handling drones belonging to a higher category in terms of price or advanced performance.

It possesses a completely stabilized 3-axis 4k UHD video camera that lets you capture media that is extremely clear and stable. In fact, the results are so great that you will be left stunned by its quality. It supports a crystal clear image production, allowing you to capture a media that is absolutely perfect at all ends, revealing no hint of an image of poor quality or one that is grainy.

It captures its media in 720p HD, providing you with the perfect quality in such a good price range. It is surely one to be reckoned with. It allows you to live stream your video to your phone, providing extremely amazing quality, with no buffering or uninterrupted clumsiness on the part of the drone. The application that supports this feature is DJI Pilot, for this particular drone. You can use the advanced features of the application to share your live stream as well, hence allowing you to show off your tremendous skills to the fullest!

The drone possesses optical and ultrasonic sensors that allow you to operate the drone with efficiency indoors, protecting it from any harm or damage. It also possesses a GPS that allows you to efficiently monitor the progress of your drone, making sure that you are navigating it over the region you want to navigate it, and preventing it from any harm or unexpected obstacles that may arise in it’s way. To further aid you in terms of safety, it has an in-built safety feature containing a database that warns you of dangerous or no-fly zones. 


  • It is extremely easy to use. 
  • It has excellent quality. 
  • It is small and durable. 
  • It has an extremely effective GPA. 
  • It allows you to have great control and is extremely smooth in its functioning. 


  • The battery is not sufficient. You may have to get replacements. 
  • The live transmission signals may be easily interrupted. 
  • Conclusion

Hopefully, you find yourself with a clearer head now. These drones are numbered in no particular way, but we hope you find our advice and division helpful. We wish you luck in your future endeavors. 

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