Best Portable Home ECG/EKG Monitors Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Are you a heart patient? Are you someone who likes to be on the safe side and monitors all the changes occurring in your body? Do you have a fear that medical aid is too far and too expensive, for something that can be done at home? Look no further because we have the best home ECG monitor reviews you will need in order to keep a healthy check on your body. If you have heart issues, it is highly recommended to have one of these Best EKG Monitors 2021 at home to quickly check your heart rate and ensure that you do not face any risk at hand.
The importance of this device is beyond words; heart risk is one of the biggest fears that roots itself within someone and is best to be avoided under all circumstances. This will allow you to not only have ample time to contact your doctor and call an ambulance but also to take preventative measures that will most definitely bring you out of danger to some extent, at the very least. 

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ECG/EKG Monitors Reviews Buyer's Guide

You may have some doubts about the product, wondering whether or not it will keep its promise and work at the time of need with efficiency and accuracy. This is a valid concern to have especially considering the fact that we are dealing with something as dangerous as a heart problem. We assure you that the products on this list are some of the best in the market and you will not regret buying them; should they have any cons, we will mention them in order to ensure that you make an informed decision. 

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Let us have a look at some of the monitors. 

1) CONTEC Handheld Best Portable ECG Monitor Review

Heart Rate Beat LCD Bluetooth Electrocardiogram

CONTEC Handheld Portable Best ECG Monitor

$79 from Amazon

Contec has been manufacturing items of immense quality for quite a long time now; they have been in business for what seems like ages and have helped us tremendously by producing items of high quality and great benefit. They have completely changed the outlook of the medical industry by their productions; it is a matter of fact that they have made a name for themselves over this time period, and are a brand that many people trust and recommend now.

The PM10 is a compact device that can be carried everywhere with immense ease. On top of this, it is also extremely light and hence, easy to carry. These factors are extremely important to get right for such an important device, and we can proudly proclaim that they do not fall short of their promise! 

In addition to this, the device is extremely easy to use. All one needs to do is read the simple instructions first and then be set for usage within seconds. The procedure is such that all one has to do is turn on the device and press down on the button that takes the ECG and hold it tightly against the spot that you take your readings from. This will take about 2 seconds to record and save. A further 30 or more seconds will produce the results. The fact that one does not need any extra materials is of great help, saving a lot of hassle. 

The ECG produced is in the form of one wave and can be easily transferred to another device via Bluetooth, in order to keep track of the readings. You can also send the ECG to your doctor through this, quite quickly and easily. 
It seems that all you really need to do is buy this device! 


  • The batteries are rechargeable and can take a lot of readings in between charging. 
  • The results are displayed quite quickly. 
  • It is extremely easy to transfer the results. 
  • It is reliable. 
  • It is durable. 


  • It is not quite as easy to set up, as it is to use. 
  • The manual is not helpful. 

2) Omron Best Home EKG Monitor + Best Blood Pressure Monitor (2 in 1) Review

Complete Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG; Measure Bp, EKG, Afib, Tachycardia, Bradycardia & Sinus Rhythm; Built-in Bluetooth Technology

Omron Best EKG Monitor

$180 from Amazon

Omron has been a well-trusted brand for a very long period of time now. They evolved their products over the course of 40 years, working closely with the community and with the professional healthcare providers, in order to ensure that you are provided with the best possible product. They have specialized in blood pressure monitors for a long time and have now released the first-ever device from their company that measures blood pressure as well as EKG. It is not only an extremely helpful device, but an immensely important one, allowing you to measure two extremely dangerous factors easily, and providing you with the information you may need to prevent a stroke or any other heart affiliated issue. 

The device is small and easy to handle. It can be kept in one's pocket quite easily and be carried anywhere, ensuring your safety no matter where you go. It is also quite light in weight and can hence be used with sufficient ease. 

This device can be used quite simply, measuring your heart rate from where you apply the band or the monitor. You can take readings for both blood pressure and heart rate, at the same time. All you need to do is place the band and turn on the monitor. This is extremely efficient, saving you a lot of important time that you can put to better use, whether the results are good or bad. You can also, however, take readings individually, whether the EKG, or your blood pressure. It is devised in a manner that suits all your needs. 

Additionally, it comes with unwatchable Bluetooth technology that can be easily set up, linking you to another device within seconds. The supporting device must have the Omron application, which only a few devices can install. This application makes it tremendously easy for one to save limitless data from the monitor and keep a close check on slight changes in your health. This method of recording is also extremely beneficial for you in terms of the doctor reading your reports and taking action accordingly. 
This device is definitely one to buy! 


  • It is compact and easy to carry. 
  • It is durable. 
  • It produces clear results. 
  • The cuff of the monitor can fit on all arms. 
  • Bluetooth works well. 


  • The setup is hectic; one has to install the software to access EKG reading and has to provide their personal information to a third party for monitoring purposes.
  • It requires a monthly fee after the first free month. 

3) AliveCor Best EKG Personal Mobile Device Monitor Review

AliveCor Kardia Mobile Personal EKG | FDA-Cleared | Detects AFib 

AliveCor Best EKG Personal Mobile Device Monitor

$150 from Amazon

Kardia is one of the most trusted companies in the business of producing medical health devices. Their products go through a rigorous trial check before being packaged and sold in the market. Their EKG technology has been rigorously checked for any flaws by going through nearly 75 trial runs, ensuring that the device is perfectly good to be used by the general public, at their homes. 

This Kardia device is also compact; this makes it easy to carry to any place you may wish. Heart problems can be unpredictable; no one can possibly know when one will fall prey to one of these, and that is exactly what makes it more important to have a device like this handy at all times. 

The EKG is also incredibly easy to use. This is due to the fact that it requires no subscription for set up and can be used at any time possible. It does not require any difficult method of operating; all one has to do is place fingers on the monitor as directed. It can produce readings within as little as 30 seconds, leading to you ensuring that you do not face any problems. It can detect all kinds of minor heart issues in such a short span of time, making it an extremely fast yet amazingly reliable recovery. 

The EKGs can be recorded on your phone through an efficient connection, and you can store countless readings without any issue. Once on your phone, through the Kardio application, you can easily send your results to your doctor or consultant in the form of an email, through a single tap. 

This device, like the rest on this list, is FDA approved and is proven to be one of the best products to make sure your health is on top. 
Order this right now, and minimize your risk factors by a large degree. 


  • It is consistent. 
  • It is easy to operate. 
  • It is compact, hence easy to carry. 
  • It can catch small changes. 
  • It has excellent customer support in case one requires help operating it. 


  • You need to pay monthly in order to keep it functioning. 
  • The battery may be defective and need replacement. 

4) Viatom Best ECG/EKG Monitor Heart Health Tracker Review

ECG/EKG Monitor Heart Health Tracker, Portable Heart Rate Monitor with PC Software, Household Heart Performance for Fitness & Sport, General Wellness Use

Viatom Best ECG/EKG Heart Health Tracker Monitor

$90 from Amazon

Pulsebit Mate is a monitor that has built its reputation based on its promise to deliver. The monitor has shown consistency in its results and in the product itself. It is considered to be one of the top products and has gained this position after only spending a short while in the market. 

The monitor can be used in a way that it takes timings for different duration's: if it takes timings for 30 seconds, it will produce a general report, whereas if it takes 60 seconds, it will produce a report with more details. This will help a professional analyze your reports to a fuller degree, assessing your health in a much better way than that for 30 seconds. 

It also contains a filter that makes sure that the waveform produced is as correct as it can be. The design of the device is also as such that it can take readings for chest, legs and arms. 
The device, like the others on this list, is also incredibly compact and easy to use; it can be carried in ones pocket and be used on the go. 
This device seems to be a win-win! 


  • It gives consistent results. 
  • It is compact. 
  • It generates results quickly.
  • It is easy to transfer data from it to another device. 


  • The batteries may need replacement after a while. 
  • It is not durable. 

5) HEALTHWOOD Best Portable ECG/EKG Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth for iOS and Android

HEALTHWOOD Best Portable ECG/EKG Monitor

$79 from Amazon

Healthwood has also earned its name in the market by producing products that do not shy away in terms of quality. The consistency of their goods has gained them a reliable audience that trusts the devices that they produce. 

This monitor is set apart in one huge way- it can take readings faster than all of the rest, within as soon as 10 to 30 seconds. This is a huge bonus in terms of saving time and utilizing it to take the right steps. 

The data is incredibly easy to process and share to other devices. This can ultimately help you in sending your reports to a professional, or simply in keeping track of your health in case something may happen. The device is extremely easy to use and can be operated within mere seconds- it does not take rocket science to figure it out!

This device is much akin to the rest in terms of its compact structure. It can be stored easily anywhere one prefers, even in clutches or pockets, and can be used at any time of the day due to this. This is an advantage worth holding on to. 
The device is nothing short of amazing. 


  • It is really easy to use. 
  • The readings are generated extremely quickly. 
  • It is compact. 
  • It has a good, large font that can come in handy for the elderly. 
  • It is durable. 


  • The software malfunctions quite often. 
  • The batteries may run out soon. 


ECG and EKG monitors are extremely useful devices to have in your home. They can track your heart rate, a factor that must be stable and is extremely vital for one to lead a healthy life, and keep a close eye on the changes that may occur in your body.

As you can see, and already know, the benefits to having an ECG or EKG machine at home can save one from extremely high risk factors and allow one to get the treatment that they may need in order to recover. We hope our list has helped narrow down the huge range of products that currently exist in the market. We wish you the best health!

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