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 ButcherBox, a fast and customizable meat subscription service, is gaining popularity among meat enthusiasts. Subscribers can pick between monthly or bimonthly deliveries of chosen and customized boxes of humanely raised beef, pig, seafood, and chicken.


Limited Time Offer | Free Bacon + $100 Off - Exclusive Verified

Limited Time Offer | Free Bacon + $100 Off - Exclusive Verified


Sign Up And Get 10–14 Lb Turkey Free In Your First Box

Sign Up And Get 10–14 Lb Turkey Free In Your First Box


Free Ground Beef In Every Order With Signup

Free Ground Beef In Every Order With Signup

Free Shipping On All Orders

Free Shipping On All Orders


Take Your Custom Box $5.30 Per Meal

Take Your Custom Box $5.30 Per Meal


What's the best part? This brand ensures that all items are supplied from local farms that value grass-fed, organic, heritage-breed, and wild-caught produce.

ButcherBox Review

In this ButcherBox review, we will go through the entire brand, the products available, the costs, the latest ButcherBox coupon code, and user comments so you can decide if this subscription is perfect for you.


About ButcherBox Subscription Reviews

ButcherBox began in a relatively modest and back-to-nature manner. Mike Salguero, the company's founder, ended up in a living room, selecting out his own $400 lump of meat from a cow share. Mike was immediately drawn to the clear and wholesome flavor of 100 percent grass-fed beef. He also uncovered the differences in health benefits of eating grass-fed and grain-fed cows.

ButcherBox Subscription reviews

So, Mike instinctively questioned, "Why isn't everyone eating it?" Today, barely 1% of beef consumed in the United States is 100% grass-fed. Consequently, ButcherBox was founded to make grass-fed beef more accessible than ever before and has subsequently expanded to heritage-breed hog, wild-caught fish, and organic poultry.

Mike's startup grew from a handful of cafe chairs to a closet at one time until establishing its headquarters in Harvard Square, Cambridge, in 2015. Now, ButcherBox today serves over 10,000 households in the United States and Canada. And the company is proud on being a welcoming neighborhood butcher who is always open and hassle-free.

Before we go over all of the products available, here are two innovations brought to the table by ButcherBox's practices:

  1. "The flavor is superb. Grass-fed, grass-finished beef tastes incredible, especially the cuts that he couldn't get in local food chains or neighborhood supermarkets."
  2. "The current system is ineffective. There had to be a convenient way to acquire high-quality, sustainably farmed meat."

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ButcherBox Review 2022 - How does the ButcherBox work?

ButcherBox provides meat at your doorstep on a monthly or bimonthly schedule, depending on how much meat you consume.

The staff has personally taste-tested every slab of meat that comes in a ButcherBox. This company intends to introduce you to meat cuts and quality that you won't find in a grocery store, and quality control is their first focus.

ButcherBox urges subscribers to understand everything they can about where their meat comes from. As a result, each piece of protein in a ButcherBox is:

  • raised in a humane manner
  • Antibiotics-free
  • There are no added hormones.

If you're concerned about freshness, each piece of poultry, meat, pork, or shellfish arrives in frozen, vacuum-sealed containers, ensuring that every item is fresh when it comes with ButcherBox subscription reviews. All produce is supplied in an insulated box with eco-friendly packaging that is either biodegradable or recyclable.

Because this business is always committed to keeping your meat at the proper temperature and ready to cook, some boxes even include dry ice if necessary.

But what is inside these brand's boxes? When you sign up, you have the option of selecting one of five box types. You will get the option of a Classic or Big Box with each of these boxes, with all of the amounts of each given below:

ButcherBox Customized Box

Customized Box

  • 9-14 lbs. of meat in the Classic Box
  • 18-26 lbs. of meat in the Big Box

Mixed Boxes, Beef & Chicken Boxes, Beef & Pork Boxes, and All Beef Boxes are available.

  • 8-11 lbs. of beef in the Classic Box
  • 16-22 lbs. of beef in a Big Box

You can suspend or cancel your ButcherBox subscription at any time, with no obligation to continue receiving deliveries. Please keep in mind, however, that subscriptions automatically renew every month or every other month. As a result, you will receive the same things in each shipment unless you alter your box type.

You should also be aware that all ButcherBox products are subject to availability, which means that there may be quantity limits on orders, orders may be rejected in whole or in part, or few meats or cuts  may be discontinued or substituted.

What do you get with the ButcherBox discount code?

The staff has personally taste-tested every of the meat that comes with the ButcherBox discount code. They want to introduce you to meat cuts and quality that you won't find at a grocery store. I've seen many a disappointing cut at the grocery store, so this alone rekindles my interest.

Every piece of meat in a ButcherBox has been reared ethically and is clean of antibiotics and hormones. ButcherBox review 2022 urges subscribers to understand everything they can about where their meat comes from. Quality is heavily determined by how the animal lived: how healthy and pleased it was and how humanely and sustainably it was raised on a farm.


ButcherBox cattle spend their entire lives roaming freely on lush meadows. The cows consume a natural grass diet and can graze all year due to the climate. ButcherBox subscribers can feel comfortable about eating ButcherBox beef for the following reasons:

  • 100% grass-fed and grass-finished
  • Pasture-raised and free-roaming
  • Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin, and mineral source



ButcherBox healthy and organic chickens spend their days roosting in barns and exploring the outdoors. Who knew chickens were naturally daring? The team collaborates with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to ensure that their chicken welfare policy raises the birds:

  • Access to the outdoors with unique additions
  • Diet rich in nutrients (forage + certified organic all-vegetarian feed)
  • The non-GMO project has been validated.



ButcherBox wild sockeye salmon is also available to Canadian subscribers. Unfortunately, this seafood choice does not exist in the United States. I would have provided a photo, but I didn't want anyone to be envious.


Following that, we'll go over all of the ButcherBox plans in this ButcherBox review.

ButcherBox Discount Code – How much does it cost?

ButcherBox cost is determined by the box you select and its size. They offer five different boxes: four curated options and their most popular Custom Box, available in Classic or Big Box sizes. ButcherBox provides various add-ons and monthly promotions, so even if you choose the curated boxes, you have options.

ButcherBox – Customizable Box Options



The Custom Box comes first. ButcherBox continually aims to make you feel at ease with what you receive, which is why they have established a customizable box option for you to build your box depending on your tastes.

As mentioned earlier, the Custom Box contains 9-14 lbs. to 18-26 lbs. of meat, with possibilities including beef, fish, pig, and chicken. Though the brand does not clarify what is included in this box, we can only presume that the brand offers a diverse range of products to choose from every month.

Customizable Box Options

The Mixed Box comes next. This is one of the brand's best varied fixed subscriptions, ranging from 8-11 lbs. to 16-22 lbs. of chicken, pork, seafood, and beef. In terms of seafood, the brand is well-known for its wild sockeye salmon. Don't forget to add this to your cart and load up on lemons and dill!

This ButcherBox review recommends it for those who enjoy homemade burgers, beef bourguignon, or classic pork tenderloin with honey sauce. A sample Mixed Box from the brand includes all of the different varieties of meat available:

  • 2-pound ground beef
  • 2 N.Y. Strip Steaks
  • 4 Prime Sirloin Steaks
  • 1 pound of pork tenderloin
  • 3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast

Then there's the Beef & Chicken Box. The name says it all; the brand includes grass-fed beef and organic chicken in this package, with options ranging from:

2-pound ground beef

2 N.Y. Strip Steaks

4 Prime Sirloin Steaks

3-pound drumsticks

3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast

For an approx. of 8-11 lbs. to 16-22 lbs. of meat, this package is ideal for individuals who enjoy a classic bolognese sauce, filled chicken breasts, and the classic steak and eggs on Sunday.

Finally, there's the All Beef Box. They are designed for folks who enjoy ground beef fajitas, steak, potatoes, or chuck roast stew. These selections contain beneficial Omega 3s, vitamins, and minerals, so don't feel terrible about chowing down.

You can expect options ranging from 8-11 lbs. to 16-22 lbs. of pure, grass-fed, and grass-finished beef, such as:

  • Two pounds ground beef 2 N.Y. Strip Steaks
  • 1 pound of Premium Steak Tips
  • 4 Top Sirloin Steaks 2 pounds Chuck Roast

With these ButcherBox selections, a family or small group may enjoy all of the most excellent cuts at the best prices without breaking the budget. Furthermore, all of the options on these menus are paleo and keto-friendly.

How long does ButcherBox last?

ButcherBox meat is designed to keep for as long as possible in the refrigerator. To begin, each piece of beef from this brand is tightly wrapped and may be stored in the fridge for at least two weeks. However, once removed from the packaging, your meat will only last 3-5 days.

The Final Verdict

subscription.ButcherBoxIf you want quality protein delivered to your doorstep, then the ButcherBox coupon code is your best option! With a wide range of cuts from humanely raised cattle, you are surely going to love the


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