Freshly Meals Review 2024

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If you love food and cooking this is for you. From cutting vegetables to experiment with spices, every aspect of making food is a fun adventure. I even enjoyed going to a grocery store to scavenge the perfect ingredients.

However, even as someone who likes to cook, a busy schedule can make the cooking feel more like a task than pleasant activity. There is always takeout, but most shipping applications hit you with several fees that make reservations inexpensive pursuits.

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Freshly Food Delivery

Freshly Meals is a food delivery service that sends healthy, sustainable food, ready to eat, directly to your doorstep. After seeing the branded boxes appear everywhere around me, I was interested. I tried service for a month, so I will take you through how freshly works and what I think about the service below.

What is the Freshly Meals weekly plan?

Freshly Meals makes goodness in its mission to make healthy eating easy. All the food is gluten-free, but you still won't miss it. Depending on the plan you choose, the Freshly Meals hour is prepared for $8.50 - $11.50 per meal. Of course, this is more expensive than cooking at home, in many cases, but cheaper and healthier than takeout, generally. There are also varied shipping costs but generally do not exceed $ 10- $ 12 per order.

Here's how it works: First, choose your plan. There are four choices with prices starting at $8.49:

  • 4 Foods per week: $49.99 / week or $11.49 / Eating
  • Six meals per week: $59.99 / week or $9.49 / dining
  • 9 Foods per week: $89.99 / week or $8.99 / meal
  • 12 Foods per week: $107.99 / week or $8.49 / dining

After you choose your plan, you can choose the delivery date you want. Instead of sending food full of weeks to you on Monday, it just lets you choose to receive food every day of the week, so you can select the date that best suits your schedule.

After you select the delivery date, it will show you the menu for the week provided, and you can choose which food you want (you can even double if you're going to order one of them several times). The typical week has 30 options, giving or receiving. Selection always covers a variety of dishes and food preferences, but few vegan or vegetarian choices. This service must be heavy on animal protein.

With the emphasis on making healthy food, it is easy to find all the nutritional info you want for every meal. Below every meal is an array of icons that tell you if the food is paleo-friendly, milk-free, and high protein, among other factors. If you want to do a further dive into certain foods, click, and you can find more information - down to each material and the number of calories.

How is food sent?

Food arrives as a single premade part packed in a large box. The box is a biodegradable denim isolation layer, which makes your food fresh, and two large ice packs, which can finally be recycled. Everything in the box (even the box itself) can be recycled, pointing to the Freshly Meals sustainability effort. 

If you are worried about ordering food when you might be out of town, know this ice package is still frozen for almost 48 hours. I intend the food to be stored in the frozen - not frozen - and everything is characterized by the expiration date, although most of the meal will last a week.

How long did they take?

Freshly foods must take three minutes or less to heat in the microwave. I only advised you this food plate rather than eating directly from the box, which I did when I had a little more time and cleaned the plate. For food that can be "made" in three minutes or less, I was impressed with the taste of this packaged food.

Up To 60% Off Selected Recipes

Up To 60% Off Selected Recipes


Sign Up & Get 6 Meals For $47.93 / Week

Sign Up & Get 6 Meals For $47.93 / Week

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Get $50 Off Your First 3 Orders

How Freshly Delivery service works?

Freshly food comes individually packaged and portion, so this works well for single or couples without children. They gathered like TV dinner but much more exciting and - warning spoilers - it tastes better too. Freshly Meals food arrived very cold but not frozen enough, so it's up to you to heat up and eat it immediately or freeze some food for rainy days. 

(Note: Some frozen foods are much better than others, I found).

You can choose a subscription plan that covers at least four or 12 meals per week through a website. Freshly Meals has many healthy food choices and options for people with dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, low carbohydrates, and low calories. However, there are almost no plant-based options, so this is not a good food delivery service for vegetarians or vegans. Just ship to every state in 48 lower. And you can also modify, pause, or cancel your plan anytime, so the risk is shallow if you want to check it for one or two weeks.

How food at Freshly Meals is stacked?

I have tried many dining services appropriately prepared at this time, and while others like the home bistro can reach higher highs, I would say the Freshly Meals one is the most delicious dining service that I have tested so far. You can tell them to focus on favorite fans and unique dishes universally than trying more out-of-the-box recipes. For what it is and aim to be, I will say it's a good thing.

Turkey Meatloaf: Meatloaf has a lovely and very soft taste. It's also not too greasy or salty, and the peanut salad and mash cauliflower are a good complement. It feels like comfort food but without weight.

Buffalo chicken with cauliflower loaded: this simple dish is also good but feels more like lunch than dinner. The buffalo sauce is not too spicy, and the grilled chicken remains moist when it is heated again.

Bolognese cauliflower: I tried to stay away from the prepared pasta and Bolognese cauliflower. This is the prime example of why. Even when heated using my choice method (see below), the result is soft and uninteresting. The taste is subtle, but it's not good enough to redeem smooth paste. Nothing is honest.

Peppercorn Steak: This steak is another dish I have with low expectations, but I can say it is overrated compared to pasta (mentioned above). It was not Ribeye Chris Rush by stretching, but it was not consumed - even though it was cooked mostly the road. The sides are also reliable, and all are eating more than just filling. My advice: Save this steak - and whatever steak is essential - out of the microwave at all costs. Please.

Chicken Tikka Masala: This might include takeout dishes of my favorite pleasure, so my standards are high. Freshly Meals may not fully match the version I took from my favorite Indian restaurant at least once a week, but it was still perfect. I heat it in a skillet, and it makes some soft and delicious chickens in masala cream sauce with fine rice. Delicious food I will eat again. And again.

Trick for Freshly Meals Delivery

Try not to heat a Freshly food in the microwave if you can help; maybe a specific side exception is like mashed cauliflower or baked potato. For a chicken bowl, sauteed and pasta, stir everything in a nonstick pan for a few minutes, covered with low heat along with the sauce before serving. Yes, you will have one pan to rinse.

But I agree it's worth it. I bought two of each meal and tried to heat them in several ways. Every time they lose a microwave, it is often in a landslide. For wider pieces of chicken, steak, and pork, you can also use a low and simple sheet method, but add a splash of water or chicken broth to make some life and moisture or cover and heat your oven convection (also at low) or oven table.

Get 2 Weeks Of Dinners for $30 Off

Get 2 Weeks Of Dinners for $30 Off


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20% Cash Back For Online Purchases

The case for healthy food kits top diet FAD

Healthy food kits and food delivery services offer delicious food and curation, serving personal taste and nutritional needs. For example, people - like me - choose tableware and food delivery during the classical diet because they take some potential for human mistakes and self-sabotage.

If you order three healthy food or dining equipment at the beginning of every week, for example, you will eat the food, and less than the case, you will make a jerk's decision to have greasy pizza or heavyweight spaghetti. It also protects the inevitable behavior and traps that arise when you move your cart in the wholesale hallway.

Order healthy food for shipping first helps regulate your week with quality, nutritious food - at least for several meals. Plus, dining equipment and food delivery services offer nutritional accountability, letting you track exactly how much you eat and nutritional information every meal.

Some services listed here are shipping food prepared healthy, send food cooked thoroughly, often frozen or partly frozen - and ready to eat when you receive it. Others include dining equipment that focuses on health with measured ingredients and portions of all the boxes and is ready for cooking a week that is easy. There are striking differences between feeding equipment and food delivery, but both make dinner more comfortable and can translate to healthier eating options for you in 2022.

Is Freshly Worth It?

If you scan the web, there are presently more practices to have dinner on a table with a little without effort than there is a week of a year to try it all. Easy food kits and food delivery services are prepared to have skyrocketed in the popularity of the past few years and only become more popular since the pandemic has made many of us inside, occasionally for weeks at a time. 

Dining services out there, we have pushed some through crowded culinary categories to get loyal followers of hungry people who lack time, cooking abilities - or both. Intrigued like me, I tasted some of the best and most popular premade food delivery services available in 2020, and I started with a Freshly Meals one.

The Freshly Meals one is one of the most popular services to subscribing to eat prepared and quick scanning from recent reviews that just appeared; it has a loyal customer base. Newly different from the food kit like Blue Apron and Hellophresh in food arranged prepared and fully cooked in individual packaging that you destroyed and served. There are no prepping, cutting, mixing, or measuring involved. 

I tried some Freshly Meals premade food for several weeks to provide a fair delivery service and give you honest reviews. I went to the tasting, hope not a high-end cuisine, but I hoped the brand would be useful in appointment fresh and flavorful food packed and sent to take alleged dinner a few nights every week. Here are the details of the popular food delivery service and my candid reviews about Freshly Meals ones.

I like most of the food delivery services that I tried until now. I categorize styles as comfort food with a little crooked, and most of everything, I try to feel fresh and ready. As someone who often cooks, I don't see myself eating Freshly Meals food more than a few times a week. If I don't enjoy cooking as much or am too busy to make the most of my food, I think it will be a very different story.

Now, after I work from a tiny house like many of us, preparing lunch every day has become a little more than time-sucking than before (it's hard to justify the order when your stove is four feet away). I can imagine having some Freshly Meals food in the hands that are ready to sway when 12:30 a.m. 

Lunch craving hits, and I'm strict time or motivation. The saung bowl, which makes suspension of delicious and healthy punishment from the Hurum sandwich or salad routine. While who intends both of us makes nutritional and fitness resolutions in other years, the health reset in 2022 is mainly indicated, given concerns around Coronavirus, which jumped, not to mention winter and flu. 

Pandemic has sharpened the direct and eternal benefits of solid nutrition and a balanced diet. It has also done more exercises than a challenge and has added stress. If you are looking for a way to zero on a cleaner eating habit this year, a dining company can help you eat better and learn to cook healthy food at home.

As you will see from a glimpse, almost every dining table kit claims to be a "healthy" dining kit company. Slick Marketing Lingo and Glossy Images help debate this case, but some eating kit services are leaps and boundaries in front of others regarding quality materials, nutrition, and overall health. 

It's true that almost all the eating kits that I test offer healthy choices for weeks to weeks and provide nutritional information. It means tracking carbohydrates, calories; proteins will be more comfortable (although it should be noted that the calculation of calories has arrived under fire lately). 

Still, some of these eating kits are only better for healthy eating that offers more nutritious recipe options, Further ingredients, and health-focused features that allow you to order tableware to fit specific meal or meal plans. Others let you fight for yourself a little more and will tempt you with more unhealthy food.


After trying the service, I think three things do the best, without a particular order.

Comfort: Going home to eat ready to eat makes life easy. Pop in a microwave and a full dinner in less than three minutes. The packaging also makes this quite portable, so you can take them with a packed lunch to work too. Plus, the food comes right to your door. It doesn't become more comfortable than that.

Nutrition: When you order from a restaurant, you rarely know what's actually in your food. So, you might think you call a healthy dinner, but you don't know what cooking oil, sugar, or other hidden materials can make the food less ideal—Freshly Meals is transparent about health. Everything is always natural, gluten-free, and follows brand particular health guidelines. If the calories or food preferences are essential for you, take your food on a new one and see exactly what is useful.

Flavor: Comfort should not come at a tasteful cost - after all, it still meals. It only works with a talented chef to dream and cook all the food. It's not just grilled chicken and broccoli, which has just been done in all kinds of cuisine - from chicken tikka masala into low boiled, there are many adventure choices.


Here are three factors that I think can only do better with, without particular order.

Vegetarian options: I am not vegetarian, but I want to try some vegetarian food to taste like this service is for everyone. Vegetarian choices are relatively small, and most vegetable-based foods don't seem attractive, to be honest. If I am a vegan or vegetarian, I might be bored with the selection, especially if I want to order six or more food a week.

Price: I think it doesn't feel more expensive than other food delivery services, but I'm surprised that four meals a week each cost $11.49. I find out why the price is what it is, but I still feel a bit expensive. Of course, you pay for convenience don't have to do anything but open your microwave. And, a Freshly Meals emphasis on sustainability makes me more likely to support them than competitors. But, I feel like I will neglect not to mention that this is not the most affordable choice out there.

Freshly Food Delivery Review

Homestyle Chicken with Butternut Mac and Cheese is a delicious and pampering dish that sneaks in many proteins and vegetables. While Zucchini noodles are usually low, limping alternatives to pasta, which just happened in their turkey pesto meatballs with Zucchini noodles, is zesty and flavorful - the perfect balance of proteins and vegetables for mid-day lunch. Unfortunately, this food is no longer available as an option.

I appreciate most food when I go home late and don't want to cook. Knowing I can get healthy and satisfying food in minutes, making me not hanged. We can recycle the Freshly Meals packaging.

The Freshly Meals is an excellent service, but I think it's more suitable for people than others. If you are someone who hates cooking, shopping for groceries, and often finds yourself too busy to remove pasta or scrambled eggs, this service will make your life much more comfortable. There is no thought or effort, enough pop food at the microwave, and you are ready.

If you like to cook, often go to dinner, or about what you eat, you might better try the meal kit instead. I got six meals a week to be too much. When spread appeared as spontaneous social streets, I did not want to refuse, but I also did not want to waste my food, which made me feel lukewarm eating them. And, sometimes I don't want to eat food that I choose a week before. I like to eat what I want to eat at certain times, and pre-planning all my food takes control.

I enjoy cooking for myself, and when I don't, I like to treat myself to eat. Because my schedule usually gives me enough time to do these things, I might not be committed to Freshly Meals again. But I understand why to get so much traction recently. I would suggest this delivery service to anyone who wants to eat fast, healthy, and comfortable with a little effort.

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung

Natasha is Research Analyst and loves to express her findings in reviews. She was previously working for a Fashion Startup in Thailand. She is Foodie and Travelling is her major Hobby.