Haband Clothes Review: Threads Fit for a Tailgate Session

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Wondering if Haband clothes are right for you? How do they actually look when they’re on?

In this Haband review, we tried on a few pieces from their Tailgater line so you can decide whether this brand is right for you.

Going to a tailgate party is always a good time.

But if the wind is blowing, it can put a damper on the fun.

At the time of writing, I’m surprised to say that the local college football team, Wake Forest, is actually 5-0. 

Nobody saw that coming. 

I’ve got my tickets for the next game, and with fall in full effect, I needed something warm. 

I decided to try a few pieces from the affordable clothing brand, Haband, to see how their Tailgater line is. 

Keep reading for my full thoughts.

What Is Haband?

Haband is an affordable clothing brand aimed at guys (and women, but we’ll only focus on the men’s selection) who’ve hit the half-century mark. 

Haband has boosted their online presence in recent months, but you can often find them in Wal-Mart’s around the country. Haband is only sold by Haband via or through catalog. 

I’m trying out the brand’s Tailgater line, which is designed for warmth and comfort first. It’s one of the most enduring lines from the brand and, as you might guess from the name, is popular with bargain-hunting football fans.

Things to Consider Before Buying Clothes from Haband

Haband’s stated three core principles are comfort, style, and value. 

While the style is up for your interpretation, they certainly succeed in delivering comfort, and for a very affordable price.

I’ll be honest here, you’re not going to get Levi’s level quality from a pair of jeans that cost under $30. That’s not to say that the value for Haband’s jeans isn’t there, but if you’re particularly rough on your clothes, or like to wear the same pair of jeans every day, you’ll eventually run into some durability issues. 

When you’re shopping with Haband, the main benefit is comfort at a low price. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you hit the jackpot. 

Tailgater Flannel Jacket

Nothing quite stings like a cold wind breathing down your neck when you’ve been standing in the bleachers for a few hours. 

With that memory ingrained in my mind from football games past, I decided to pick up the Haband Tailgater Flannel Jacket

It’s basically a two-for-one piece, with a thick nylon flannel shirt with an insulated nylon lining and a hoodie sewn in the top. 

I picked up two versions—one with just a zipper in front (red), and another with a zipper and buttons (blue).

The jacket features two breast pockets and two hip pockets—I’m a big fan of the hip pockets because they make it easier to huddle up in the cold and keep your hands warm. 

It’s quite warm, and I reckon you’d be chill-free down in the 40s with just this flannel. I also like the notch down along the waist seam as it allows for full mobility. 

That’s the greatest feature about this jacket: it’s comfortable and the ample room throughout the torso and arms allow for full mobility at all times. 

Because the jacket is made entirely from nylon, it isn’t the most breathable, so I recommend wearing a long sleeve underneath in case you’re headed out into borderline temperatures. 

You can definitely work up a sweat in this coat, so if it’s 50 or 60 degrees outside, you may find yourself wanting to take it off for a bit to cool down, but that’s only if you’re walking around or working in it. 

Between the two versions (with buttons and without), I prefer the buttoned version. To me, it looks more like a standard flannel shirt, while the other version looks more like a hybrid hoodie. 

If you’re looking for a jacket that’s comfortable and well under $40?, you’ll definitely want to check out the Haband Tailgater Flannel Jacket

Tailgater Fit-Forever Jeans

I couldn’t pass up the chance to try some sub-$30 jeans, so I also picked up a few pairs of Haband’s Fit-Forever Jeans.

The “Fit-Forever” title actually refers to the waistband, which has some elastic sewn in to allow for a size or two of adjustment. If you’re visiting the kids for the holidays, you may want to pack these as we both know there can be a bit of a “size adjustment” when the pumpkin pie is brought out. No judgement here. 

What do Other Reviewers Say About Haband?

over and over again when looking through the reviews. 

There were some negative reviews, and nearly all of them discussed shipping issues. I actually had the chance to address this with the brand, and they’re working out some supply chain problems. (I’m writing this in 2021, and “supply-chain” is probably the most used word this year).

There was a few day delay on two of my four items—it didn’t make any difference to me, but it’s worth noting if you’re looking to buy some clothes as a gift and you’re on a tight deadline. 

Give yourself an extra three or four days, and you’ll be all set. 

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung

Natasha is Research Analyst and loves to express her findings in reviews. She was previously working for a Fashion Startup in Thailand. She is Foodie and Travelling is her major Hobby.