Homary Review 2023

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Having good furniture on your property can increase the aesthetics of your property. However, there are many brands such as Homary that you can choose from.


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Happy Valentine Day - $600 Off For Everything

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$20 Off When You Spend $399

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Clearance Event - Up To 90% OFF

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New User Offer -  Up To $1000 Off

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$10 Off Full-price Items Over $50 With Subscribing Newsletter

Due to the many choices, you may be struggling to make up your mind. If you’re considering Homary, then you’re in the right place. Here is an ultimate review that will help you.

What Is Homary?


Homary is an online platform from where you can purchase products for your home. For example, they sell furniture, lamps, showerheads, and much more. With this brand, you can get almost any product you want to improve your house’s aesthetics.


The company works on a direct-to-consumer basis. This means they connect customers with manufacturers directly for purchasing products. As a result, Homary offers more affordable prices than most retail stores.


One of the strengths of this brand is that it offers an extensive range of products. There are many options on the website to consider from. From classic to modern furniture, everything is available on Homary.

Another feature that customers love about this company is that all their products come with warranties. Thus, you can purchase any item with high confidence.


While the company sells exceptional pieces of furniture, they are relatively less popular. Due to this, there are not many authentic reviews that you’ll find about them. Thus, getting a product from there comes with some risk.

Besides that, consumers have varying views on Homary’s customer service. Some people praise the brand for resolving issues promptly. However, there are quite a few customers who report that the company does not respond on time.

Best For

The online store is best for selling timeless pieces of furniture and other home products.

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About The Homary Founder & Brand Story

Homary came into being in 2012 to ease the life of homeowners. Unfortunately, there is not much information about its founder, including its name. However, the brand is still prevalent in the US.

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Initially, the company was a start-up, but it has grown since then. Now the store offers a greater collection of kitchen, bedroom, and outdoor furniture. Since 2012, the brand has been connecting consumers to top manufacturers in the furniture industry.

One of the reasons why people like this company is because they offer rare designs. From its inception, they have been selling things online only. The company does not have a physical store for shoppers.

Popular Homary Product Lines

Homary has a vast collection of home products. Here are the reviews of their top categories:

Homary Furniture Review

The company offers different furniture items to people all over the US. You can choose from their options for bedrooms. Besides that, you can opt for kitchen or outdoor furniture items too.

Modern White Rectangular Stone Dining Table
70.9" Modern White Rectangular Stone Dining Table - Price: $1,459.99 at Homary

One of the top sellers of this brand is their dining table sets. They come in modern design, which can improve the look of your kitchen significantly. The best part is that their furniture pieces are minimalistic.

In the bedroom category, they offer various minimalistic dressing tables. Consumers particularly praise one of their wooden makeup vanities. In addition, they report that the quality of the furniture is top-notch.

However, keep in mind that some of them may take up more space in your home. Not only that but few pieces of furniture are relatively more expensive in comparison with their designs.

Homary Bath & Faucets Review

You may not think of your bathroom interior much due to different reasons. However, with small fixtures, you can enhance the overall look of the room without spending much. And this is precisely what the faucets and other products of this retailer will help you achieve.

Modern Single Handle One Hole Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet
Modern Single Handle One Hole Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet - Price: $135.99 at Homary

Faucets are one of the top sellers in the bath products category. Homary offers different options to meet the needs of every consumer. Typically, their items come with a minimalist design. Thus, they look chic and make your bathroom look better.

Many of their items have lead-free components, which allows them to last longer. This is what many consumers report as well on different platforms. However, there are more disappointing customers on Trustpilot when it comes to this category.

A lot of users report that the Homary faucets leak after installation. Some also say the product they ordered produces a bothering sound. While the brand did reply to the customers on their complaints, it does not negate the fact that they sent faulty faucets.

Homary Lighting Review

The lighting of your room plays an integral role in setting the overall vibe of the room. That is why the brand offers an extensive range of fixtures to help people have control over their room’s vibe. 

Pink Feather Gold Table Lamp Unique Modern Style - Price: $86.99 at Homary

The lighting fixtures of Homary make up the majority of their top-selling products. However, you can opt for different options. For example, some of their items come with wooden stands. Meanwhile, there are wall-mounting fixture options too.

Consumers on different platforms praise the lighting options of this brand. Many people report that installing the fixtures is quick and convenient. Besides that, users also say that the brightness of the lights is adequate.

Homary Décor Review

The company offers different items in their décor category. You can find wallpapers, wall accents, shelves, and much more on the website. They provide seasonal decorations too.


Modern Metal Wall Decor Creative Geometric Round Home Wall Art - Price: $169.99 at Homary

There are many options to choose from in this category, but people mainly love the wall accents by this platform. Besides that, there are not many consumer reports about other products.

Additionally, some people do state that the brand did not deliver their décor item. Moreover, the customer service of the company is not top-notch. Thus, you will have to face the risk if you want to order Homary’s décor items.

Best Homary Alternatives

If you don’t want to risk ordering products from this brand, worry no more. There are many alternatives that you can opt for. The best part is that some of them are more reliable and reasonable than Homary.

Urban Outfitters is one of the famous furniture stores that offer high-quality products. Just like Homary, they have a vast collection and unique designs to meet the needs of all people.

Anthropologie, Chairish, and Society6 are some other places that sell unique furniture. They are relatively reasonable too, which is they are some of the best Homary alternatives.

Homary Promotions & Discount Codes

The company is not offering any discount codes currently. However, you can sign up for their newsletter to get $20 off. Additionally, you can register on the platform to get coupons of up to $500.

Besides that, the store also offers sales from time to time. They typically take place around holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and much more.

In Conclusion: Is Homary Legit & Worth It?

Homary is a legit brand that allows people to purchase high-end furniture for reasonable prices. Their collection includes various unique, modern, classic, and intuitive products.

However, there are not many consumer reports about this store. Even their Trust Score is not high. That is why it would be best not to rely upon this retailer entirely.

There are various reports of the store having poor customer service. Thus, it will always be a risk to shop from here. 

If you don’t mind the uncertainty, then you may find this store worthy. But if you do mind the risk, then it is best not to order their product.


If you’re wondering more about this brand, you no longer have to. Here are the top questions that people ask about it:

Where To Buy Homary Furniture?

The brand does not have physical stores for consumers to shop from. They also don’t have any showrooms for product displays. There is only one place that you can get their products from.

All items by this retailer are available on its official website. You can place your order from the web page. Besides that, they have their own app as well from where you can buy furniture.

Is Homary A Manufacturer?

Homary is an online retailer that operates on a D2C basis. They get products from OEM manufacturers worldwide and then sell them on their platform. 

The retailer does not manufacture its own products. Instead, it gets the supply from various reputable manufacturers. This is one of the reasons why the charge is reasonable for the furniture and décor items.

Where Is Homary Furniture Made?

All the furniture products that this retailer sells are from other manufacturers. Thus, the manufacturing countries can vary significantly depending on the item. However, many furniture products of this store come from China.

What Is Homary’s Shipping Policy?

Homary offers shipping services in various countries. They don’t charge anything for most mainland areas. However, for remote regions, they may ask shipping fee.

The typical delivery time is one to two business days. However, the processing time varies depending on the product. You can track your order through the confirmation email that the platform sends.

What Is Homary’s Return Policy?

This online retailer has a return policy of thirty days. After the purchase, you can get a refund if you send back the item within this time frame. Additionally, you can exchange it for some other product of the same value.

However, the store will charge you for the return or exchange unless there is a quality or damage issue. Besides that, there are some items that are not returnable.

When Does Homary Go On Sale?

The brand runs a sale mainly during holiday periods to gain more customers. They put discounts on various items around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, and much more.

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