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While we all are stuck at home and can’t really step out of the house, we all are guilty of snacking on unhealthy junk and binge-watching shows after shows. This can’t go on anymore. Since we can’t go to the gym, why don’t we bring the gym to our house? Pretty simple! Home Fitness Code is a life saviour, trust me.

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Extra 30% Off For Everything

Extra 30% Off For Everything

About Home Fitness Code

Home Fitness Code masters in designing fitness equipment and machines that bring the gym to your home’s comfort. You can access a series of leading fitness equipment at affordable prices with the Home Fitness Code discount code.

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Home Fitness Code’s range of high quality and affordable home fitness equipment includes exercise bikes, weight benches, abdominal trainers and more, with many space-saving options. This is the brand that speaks of integrity, and the core value is laid in the foundation of their products. Home Fitness Code products are sold directly to customers, eliminating the middlemen channel so that you save more on every purchase through Home Fitness Code vouchers!

This brand aims to inspire you to exercise and enjoy the fun of exercise, discovering the proper exercise method for you, and finding the product that best suits your lifestyle and your family.

Home Fitness Code Equipment

Adjustable Folding Weight Bench

The Adjustable Folding Weight Bench is ideal for training your chest, shoulders, back, abs, etc. Its backrest can be adjusted to 7 different positions that can meet your various needs. Designed with a triangular structure and made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel, the weight bench is very sturdy and durable.

Home Fitness Code- folding weight bench

Why choose Adjustable Folding Weight Bench?

  • Comfortable PU leather
  • Durable Binding Design
  • Space Saver
  • Meets different exercise needs
  • Easy to fold
  • Plastic anti-slip roller pads

Home Fitness Code- folding weight bench

Ergonomic Designed

Compact but versatile. The comfortable high-density foam cushion and the seat can firmly fix the body and reduce muscle fatigue during exercise.


The weight bench can be adjusted to 6 different positions for versatility. It is ideal for the following training: Dips, push-ups, Tricep kickbacks, Incline T raises, sit-ups, and More!

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Abdominal Trainer Core & Abs Trainer Ab Stimulator

The abdominal trainer is an actual all-rounder device. It combines a back trainer, a side abdominal trainer, and a sit-up bench in one product. The Core & Abs trainer gives you varied options for the specific and comprehensive development of the abdominal, back, and buttock muscles.

Home Fitness Code- abs trainer

Why choose Abdominal Trainer Core & Abs Trainer Ab Stimulator?

Engineered for involving more muscle areas:

  • Four main exercises for different abdominal muscles.
  • There are three strength grids to choose from for your legs and arms.
  • Adjustable length, thus choose a suitable height for weaker or stronger users.
  • Adjustable head massage part, softback massage part, comfortable fit, training rope.


Home Fitness Code- abs trainers

Meeting multiple training needs, suitable for beginners and advanced users. 6-in-1 fitness device allows you to perform crunches, biceps curls, and leg stretches, side lifting, push-ups, stretching exercises.

Adjustable Backrest

The backrest can be adjusted to 3 different positions for the various training levels. It is ideal for training the upper, lower, and middle abdominal muscles. The neck and back can be supported during exercise.

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Foldable Fitness Bike 2-in-1 Upright and Recumbent Bike

The folding fitness bike offers a smooth lower-body workout in a convenient folding frame design for easy, on-demand storage and set-up. The 2-in-1 upright and recumbent bike gives the option between sweat-burning training in an upright position or a slower-paced exercise in a recumbent stance.

Home Fitness Code- recumbent bike

Why choose Foldable Fitness Bike 2-in-1 Upright and Recumbent Bike?

  • LCD Digital Monitor
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 3-level Adjustable Seat
  • Silent Magnetron Resistance System
  • Safe and comfortable pedals
  • Easy to move

Movable & Foldable

It is easy to move the fitness bike since its transportation wheels, and you can choose the ideal fitness field as you like. The folding exercise bike can be fully folded to occupy minimal space for storage.

Safe and Comfortable

An ergonomic and comfortable backrest design can fully protect the waist and back. A more comfortable and adjustable widened seat can let you get fit and burn more calories without discomfort.

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Home Fitness Code- recumbent bike

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Visit Home Fitness Code for much other space-saving and efficient fitness equipment to revamp your fitness game!

Home Fitness Code review – Real Customer Reviews

Home Fitness Code- reviews

Home Fitness Code has a 4.0 star rating on Trustpilot.

Customer Ratings for Home Fitness Code


The Overall Verdict

While preparing our Home Fitness Code review, we were genuinely stoked about the equipment and its functionality. Their machines are compact and easy to store when not required, and they truly give you results. A home gym is a great idea when you don’t want to spend behind gym memberships; you just purchase one piece of equipment from Home Fitness Code, and it can handle all your workout routines (almost)!

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