I Saw It First Reviews 2023

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I Saw It First is a struggling story of a man. And it ultimately drew several viewership and customers, drawing Jalal Kamani from rags to a billionaire. I Saw it First deemed up as an apparel store targeting teen pops, putting in the elementary fashion entails it. This is a very honest I Saw It First Reviews.


EXCLUSIVE : Enjoy 50% OFF For Everything

EXCLUSIVE : Enjoy 50% OFF For Everything


SALE | Up to 70% OFF - Exclusive Verified

SALE | Up to 70% OFF - Exclusive Verified

Get Free Shipping When You Spend £45+

Get Free Shipping When You Spend £45+

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Now £6 Joggers, Sweats & Hoodies

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Download App And Get 30% Off Your Orders

Save 30% On Footwear Collection

Save 30% On Footwear Collection

Jalal Kamani, son of Mr Abdullah is the core member of Boohoo - the online retail fashion store. Jalal set up the foundation of I Saw It First after taking some valid stance against original family stores called ‘BoohooMan’ and ‘PrettyLittleThings’. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase a service or a product through the links, we might earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read full disclosure here.

The Boohoo Group rose to immense success and set up the sales for 1 billion pounds. All-new, it blew away the target and earned more than this. He played well with both his brains and money. He put in the styles and then hedged it to the market. He found it earlier, that teens are finding it to be an appealing modality of their times. And there he shoots! 

The main website claims it rising to an upfront from a small Manchester business to a leading store in the UK.  It started with at least 100 people and then the recruitment grew as big as 5.5 thousands of them. We have always found I Saw It First thanking for collaborations made with Ibiza Nightclub and with other key social media influencers publicizing it to every-end. 

The high sales pitch is most accountable through the catchy tagline which Boohoo man comes up with stating ‘ I Saw it First aims that trend-led customers are compelled to find obsession hidden within the brand’. 

Okay! So as soon as you get access to the website I Saw It First you’ll end up with a homepage revealing the extensive discounts they offer. You’ll surely scroll down to discover more and there you come up with their ‘New In’, ‘Loungewear’, ‘SummerShops’, ‘PlaySuits’ and ‘Accessories & Footwear’.

While discovering more you’ll head towards the three stack buttons on the top left of the page. And there you’ll get the nicest classification of all - Mens’ wear & Womens’. Each category is further categorized to let you look for your desired outfit type, the earliest. 

I Saw It First Clothing Review 

We’ll be reviewing a few of the popular products from each of the categories to let you have actual insight into each one of them. Pair it up with a nice denim jacket and sneakers to look chic. Either you are a manly teen or a womanly girl, here you’ll be able to sort out any of your favourite style and size to have a DIY look. 

 Women New In

  1. Mariam Musa Collection - The collection has a wide array of dresses made up of Jacquard, Cardigan, Bengaline and Satin giving a bodycon fit. You can discover stripped dresses or the belted ones for the party you’re going to head on to. You may even try Ruched Bralette and Corset Style paddled apparels. 
  2. Most Wanted - What’s best about this collection is you have a wide range of colours from which you can pick for your favourite stuff. Either it is the Black Baby Flames you’ve long been admiring or Charcoal Tie Dye Lips you needed for the Pyjamas Party. 
  3. Back in Stocks - Were you waiting long for these Blue double layer jerseys or sand oversized Basic for long? Now it’s the right time to shop in right before this too even gets out of stock!

Women Tops 

Pink Petite Rib Crop Top

Pink Petite Rib Crop Top - Price: £18 at I Saw It First

  1. Black Crop Tops - These loose crop tops come with a V-neckline or U neck with it. This is something super-casual. You may wear these with jeans or a loose skirt.  
  2. Basic Tops - All these tops are tight chest knitted stuff with the sunken belly all naked. I Saw It First have these in either black or white. You may choose a sleeveless top or a sleeved top. It’s all up to you!
  3. Pastel Tops -  These refreshing palatal, wardrobe tops come in diverse pastel colours. You may have the blushing top with contrast pastel pants in the most exclusive style of all. 

Men New In  

  1. Coats & Jackets - Jackets are yet the most sensational entity our men love to wear. Either they want something casual or formal, men love to peep in this category. Check for Black Mens Denim Jackets or the Jacquard ones. You may even like Light Grey Men’s Jacket in print design. 
  2. Knitwear - These winter apparels are nicely knitted and crafted well for the first time and have a variety of colours from beige to khaki to blue to mid red. These are all occupied internally with a close viscose lining to comfy you to the most. 
  3. Swimwear - Striped swimming pants with variable sizes and colours are going to give you nice popularity among the peers. It’s rather reasonable. 

Denim Shop 


Blue Cargo Denim Popper Jeans - Price: £40 at I Saw It First

  1. Denim dresses - Distressed dresses to Wash Puff Sleeves Denim Suit are a rather nice button fastened denim dresses ready to give realistic funs. There is some fancy shoulder knot-bound denim dresses letting you embrace the coolest look forever. 
  2. Coloured Denim

                            ‘  Orange, White all is Right;

                            With the tight Denim; 

                           Good for sight, good for sight;

                          All you need is a graceful night; 

                            Orange, White all is Right.    ‘

And this explained the colored denim all right!

  1. Jeans - Denim Jeans are always ready to be paired with any bikini or pastel top or even with their denim jacket. All you need to do is buy the right style and right size for you and yours. And I must say I Saw For It has never failed to impress its customers. 

Check out the site all by yourself to discover the amazing sub-categories with the amazing price rates. Don’t forget to opt for the right size and style though I Saw For It offers nice exchange policies in its about section. 

I Saw It First Discounts 

I’m super amazed by the discount tags which they offer. As soon as you land on the page you’ll see the waited taglines

Get Up 70% discount on everything you shop’ 

‘Student Exclusive: 5 pounds premier delivery! Click here to get your code’

 ‘99% Delivery! Ends Soon’

‘40% OFF Everything’

‘50% OFF Everything’

 ‘60% OFF Everything’

‘70% OFF Everything’

And these discounts are really what we wait for. These taglines apply to both men and women's wear. I Saw It First has a wide range of Casual wears that carry Trending Now, Loungewear, Basics and 1614 styles which are applicable to discount offers. So, why not to buy casual wear for your office or your daily home wear which we ought to have each summer and winters. 

There is a certain categorization of 40% off newness, 50% off newness and it carries on to 70% as in a whole. Believe me, they are offering a wide range of trendy options for you to opt and to cater accordingly. Try looking in by yourself or it gets too late.

I Saw It First Payment Modes 

At times it so happens we are lovin’ are a lot of clothes from a similar brand but couldn’t opt for because the payment methods don’t apply to your countryside. Don’t worry! They offer a wide variety of payment options, a few popular while even less popular ones too. They have Visa Pays, Paypal, Mastercard, Amazon Pay, Klarna., Clearpay and LayBuy. Now you can stay out of all odd excuses one would have to monitor out. 

Wellness Hub By I Saw It First 

This Covid19 has been an excellent test for a lot many individuals out there. But in these hard times, this fashion store came up with a great narrative of spreading positive vibes of ‘wellbeing’. They donated above 30, 000 water bottles and above 100 food supplies. In this whole period, they even donated thousands of hand sanitizers and surgical masks around the hospitals. As in the Fashion store, they even come up with newly designed T-shirt style embossed with The Nation saving emblems. Several fans admired this narrative which is put forward. 

Quote Of The Day by I Saw It First 

                ‘Stop shrinking to fit places you’ve outgrown.’

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