Klaiyihair Review 2024

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Valentine's Day Special | Up To $80 OFF Orders Over $269+

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Save $30 When You Spend $110 or More

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12% Off Your Order

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Up To 50% OFF Sale Items



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Free Shipping On All Orders

Klaiyi hair is a China based company that has been around for close to 12 years. In 2015, they set up a warehouse in California to further grow the business. The company aims to provide affordable hair and help millions around the world to feel beautiful.

The store’s website had very captivating product pictures that showed you how the units could be styled. This was a great addition that accurately displayed their range. The site was easy to navigate and they had a variety of different coupons available to save money.

All of the hair sold at Klaiyi is 100% human hair. This is a great thing to look for as it often means good quality hair that will last for a long time. They offer both wigs and weaves in a variety of different textures and colors.

The company offers customer support but it proved to be quite average. They have a live chat that is useful only for general responses. Klaiyi also offers customer support by email, phone, and through social media. If you want a detailed response, it may be a better option to go through these avenues instead of the live chat.

The delivery took 5 days which falls into their expected delivery times for the USA. My order was sent out of the state where I reside which could play a part in why I received it so fast. If you want to receive an order faster the company offers express shipping at an additional cost of $20.

The reviews for Klaiyi hair were positive for the most part but some customers did come across problems with the products they received. Spending a lot of money on hair that is not of your liking can be a disappointment but the company seems to work with their customers.

What I Like

  • Hairline – The net on the part allowed for seamless blending.
  • Construction – The hair was built with quality, hopefully resulting in a long lasting unit.
  • Payment – The company offers a variety of different payment options along with instalments.

What I Don’t Like

  • Customer support – I wish the company would have been more specific in their responses.
  • Density – The ends of the hair felt too thin and didn’t match the rest of the unit.
  • Shipping – While the timing is fast, they don’t offer specifics on how you will be charged for shipping.

What I like

  • Hairline – The net on the part allowed for seamless blending.
  • Construction – The hair was built with quality, hopefully resulting in a long lasting unit.
  • Payment – The company offers a variety of different payment options along with instalments.

What I don’t like 

  • Customer support – I wish the company would have been more specific in their responses.
  • Density – The ends of the hair felt too thin and didn’t match the rest of the unit.
  • Shipping – While the timing is fast, they don’t offer specifics on how you will be charged for shipping.

Hair Quality

Hair Strand

The first thing I noticed when examining the hair was the smell. Wigs can often have a strong chemical smell, but they often go away after being aired out. The next thing that caught my attention was the curl pattern.

The texture of this hair is classified as a body wave. This means the hair has a subtle “S” shape throughout the strand. Even when brushed out the hair kept the same pattern. Due to the silky feeling of the hair, the strands easily fell around meaning this is not a unit to easily tangle.

The hair was purchased in the color natural black but had hints of brown throughout. This mix of color gives hair dimension and highlights the overall texture and health of the hair. SInce healthy hair looks more natural, it’s a desired quality. 


This wig has a 4×4 lace closure part that was made with a breathable net material that blends nicely. This will lead to a realistic looking hairline. The unit didn’t come pre-plucked or with baby hairs but that is easy to fix on your own.

The closure is also hand tied. This leads to knots that are not thick in size and easily blendable. Having this means little to not customizations for the user. 

The one downside to the hairline was due to the net material, you are stuck with a middle part. You don’t have the normal freedom of the complete 4×4 size of the closure. Ensure you are content with the standard part before purchasing.


This unit came in a 150% density which is above average. The length of the hair purchased was 16 inches Which worked for this density.

The description advertised full ends because of the density but I’d have to disagree. The hair was a lot thinner on the ends, if you held the unit up you could see straight through the ends of the hair.

The price seemed pretty average but it would have been a nice idea to offer different densities, even at an upcharge. If you decide to get a longer length than 16 inches, the hair could become too thin at the ends.


This unit was constructed extremely well, specifically in the way the wefts were laid out. Since the wefts didn’t have much space in between, you couldn’t see the cap and the hair looked thicker.

The blending of the closure into the rest of the unit was also done well. The wefts came right up to the part line leaving little room for error. This can lead to a natural looking hairline.

Another benefit of the wefts being spaced the way they were was the coverage of the cap along the side of the hairline. There weren’t any gaps or loose strings that would decrease the longevity of the unit.

Cap Size 

The cap only came in one size, 22 inches, which is about average. This leaves a good amount to fit your natural hair under yet still do needed customizations so it fits snug. Keep in mind there is no way to customise the sizing on the site.

The cap comes in a nice dark brown color that is easy to blend. It also has 3 combs and 2 elastics to help secure the unit further.

While it would have been nice to customize the unit, for the price of the hair I don’t think it would be necessary. The wig is quite affordable and you can easily find a way to make the fit perfect.

Store Experience 

My first impression when visiting the e-commerce store would have to be the product picture. The company knows how to use their customers to their advantage and highlight the final outcome of the units.

The site is laid out well including testimonials, services, and specific types of units. This allows the visitor of the site to easily navigate their way around.

Another perk of the store is they advertise codes to take part in sales. Some of them allow you to take an additional percentage off the already discounted sale price. On top of sales and discounts they offer a rewards system that allows you to earn free products and additional coupons.

Range of Products

Klaiyi hair specializes in providing 100% human hair units that can be easily customized. Wigs seem to be their selling point but the company offers other products such as weaves.

For wigs the company provides at least 6 different textures of hair and 5 different colors. They offer both lace parts and fronts in a variety of different sizes. Headband wigs, which are a very popular trend, are another product the company carries.

For weaves, Klaiyi offers both remy and virgin hair. They also offer bundles deals which are a great way to not only save money but complete a look. Their colored units are a popular buy as well.

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung

Natasha is Research Analyst and loves to express her findings in reviews. She was previously working for a Fashion Startup in Thailand. She is Foodie and Travelling is her major Hobby.