Litter Robot Review – The Smart-Tech Litter Box

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This is a detailed investigation of the Litter Robot self-cleaning completely automated litter box. Read our complete Litter Robot Review 2022 for all the details on this innovative technology invention!ount Codes available here at The Trending Reviews. Browse all verified Litter-Robot Promo Codes 2022 and save big on your purchase.

There are several self-cleaning completely automatic litter boxes on the market. Still, the Litter Robot requires serious consideration not only because of its appearance but also because of its price. When you ask any Facebook community, "What is the greatest self-cleaning litter box? this is the number one recommendation.

Moving further with our Litter-Robot Review, let's look into the mechanics and build of this kind of spaceship gadget! Keep reading our Review for amazing Litter Robot coupons!

Litter Robot Review 2022 – Description

The Litter Robot is a device that aims to handle what is perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a cat owner (in our case, multiple cat owners): cleaning the litter box.

It is 68 centimeters broad, 62 centimeters in diameter, 74 centimeters tall, and weighs around 10 kilograms. It is evident from the start that it is enormous. It is somewhat intimidating for a cat and may take up a lot of room when you look at it.

Litter Robot Review

It is composed of solid plastic, and the appliance quality is rather good based on the look and feels alone, and its longevity is evident in its construction.

It's ideal for multi-cat families like ours since you won't have to worry about different cats stealing the expensive $450 cat potty.

Litter Robot Discounts – How does the machine work?

Let's get down to business. Simply described, the Litter Robot is spherical on top of a box. The box has a section for cat waste that is enclosed with a plastic bag. The sphere is the area into which your cat walks. Its bottom is coated with rubber and marked with a line to indicate the optimum quantity of kitty litter.

When a cat steps into the globe, the robot's sensors detect his existence. While a pet is inside, the machine will not move or spin (in theory). When your cat arrives, the robot's control screen switches from blue standby to red, indicating that it has detected the presence of a cat. When your pet leaves, the Litter Robot starts a seven-minute countdown (which may be adjusted) to allow the kitty plenty of time to clear before the clean cycle begins.

On the bright side, the machine has an eight-hour sleep mode that can be set to correspond to your sleeping routine. This stops the gadget from whirring and humming and waking you up when your darling dogs go to the bathroom at 4 a.m.

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Little Robot Coupon Code – Features


The Litter-Robot 3 Connect does not resemble any other cat litter box on the market. It appears to be from another planet and has a unique construction and design compared to a standard litter box or a self-cleaning litter box.

Litter Robot Design

Litter-Robot 3 Connect - Price: $549 at Litter Robot

Ease of Cleaning

Litter Robot thoroughly cleans and sifts cat litter when your cat does its thing, and you can also set an auto-timer for it to begin a cleaning cycle if necessary. The waiting period for it to cycle its cleaning after usage may be set between 3 and 15 minutes, defaulting 7 minutes.

Litter Robot Cleaning

The globe will then begin to revolve, and the litter will start to move as it gently pushes all of the litter into the sifter to empty it and just cat litter towards the litter bag. The best thing about this litter box machine is that it does not leave extra waste chunks, unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, because the sifter performs an excellent job of sifting the litter.

Thorough cleaning It is also necessary to clean the whole litter box at least once every three months. The only issue is that you must disassemble everything to deep clean inside the gadget and then reassemble it. It might be time-consuming, but it is effortless to rebuild.


The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is undoubtedly built of solid materials, as it takes pride in its durability and endurance, so you won't have to worry about the mechanism breaking quickly.


The only drawback to this hi-tech gadget is the price. It is highly costly, with the base model costing $449 and the Connect feature costing an additional $449. But if you use the Litter Robot coupon code, you can get an extra discount on your purchase!

Litter Robot Discount Code

If you want to step away from the hustles of scoop-troop, then you need a Litter Robot in your life. This is the ultimate game-changer for you and your pet! Use our exclusive Litter Robot discount code to get an additional slashed price on your purchase!

The Final Thoughts

The Litter Robot is the perfect addition to my pet-care routine as it saves a lot of time! I just need to refill the globe every 5-6 days, and that's it! And don't forget to dump out the litter bag, haha! Overall, this machine is the perfect solution to maintain a clean space for your pet's litter!

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