Is Lovehoney Legit?

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Exclusive! 15% Off $70 Sitewide - Exclusive


Get 20% Off For Students

Get 20% Off For Students


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15% Off With Lovehoney Email Signup

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Free Shipping on Orders Over $49

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20% Off For Essential Workers

Everything You Need to Know Before Ordering!

Is Lovehoney legit? In this day and age, with fake websites scamming people on the daily, it’s important to know from who you are buying. Most importantly, when buying sex toys, you really want to know if that website is legitimate.

Therefore, we are going to tell you if Lovehoney is legit, if the Lovehoney website is legit, as well as sharing their customer service reviews, if Lovehoney is safe and all about their products. That way, you’ll learn whether or not Lovehoney is a good place to spend your money.

Ready for some Lovehoney schooling? Let’s go!

About Lovehoney

Before we can answer the question, “Is Lovehoney legit?” we have to fill you in on all of their company details. After all, scam companies have zero history and a half-assed About Us page that usually includes sketchy details and a corny mission statement.

So, is Lovehoney a legit company?

Is Lovehoney Legit? The Lovehoney History

The self-proclaimed “sexual happiness people” have earned the title as global leader in the sex toy industry. They’ve done so by having sites dedicated to the US, Australia and the UK. Additionally, Lovehoney boasts having an international team of 300 (and growing) staff members to advise you, and pack, pick and ship your orders. But get this as proof that Lovehoney is legit….

Lovehoney has won dozens of prestigious awards for their products and customer service, including 2 awards from the Queen of England in recognition of their contribution to international trade.

That’s huge!

Now if that doesn’t answer the question, “Is Lovehoney legit?” I don’t know what does! But what about the Lovehoney beginnings? And who started this global phenomenon in sex toy and pleasure product sales?

Let’s meet the two that started it all!

The Owners of Lovehoney

Colleagues and friends, Neal Slateford, a musician, and Richard Longhurst, a magazine editor, decided it was time things changed in the world of sex toys. No longer would sex toys be a dirty, back-alley product, with sales dominated by males, oh no!

So, with a single computer in Richard’s apartment, situated in Bath, England, a new era of sex toy shopping began in the UK in 2002. Thus, the Lovehoney empire was born.

The US branch of Lovehoney launched in 2011 and since that time, Lovehoney has grown into a pleasure product empire worth more than £850m.

Not only does this show that Lovehoney is legit, it proves that the Lovehoney website is legit, safe and a destination for anyone wanting to purchase sex toys, lingerie and other pleasure products.

Does Lovehoney Have Sites in Other Countries?

Yes, Lovehoney has sites in other countries too. As mentioned earlier, Lovehoney began their journey in the UK and added the US market, soon after. In addition, Lovehoney has an Australian site, one for Canada and finally, a New Zealand site.

Therefore, not only is Lovehoney legit, they are indeed, global leaders in sex toy retailing and sales.

Is the Lovehoney Website Legit?

Yes, the Lovehoney website is legit! Plus, their websites for the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are legitimate too. Furthermore, they have been in the pleasure product business since 2002. Therefore, Lovehoney is legit, from company to website to delivery and customer service! So, if we’ve convinced you, get shopping!

If not, we have more information to show you if Lovehoney is a good company. Keep reading!

The Lovehoney Website Layout and Navigation

The Lovehoney website is legit and has a colorful, attractive layout. Furthermore, the Lovehoney website has easy-to-use navigation so you can find the products you desire quickly. Simply start with their navigation bar, at the top of the page. Then, hover over each main product group, and the full menu of that product will drop down.

For instance, when hovering over “Sex Toys”, you will see a complete drop-down menu that includes, best sellers, top brands, vibrators, rabbit vibrators, dildos, sex toys for couples and much more.

Finally, if you have a particular naughty product in mind, simply type it into the search bar and you’ll find your desired product in seconds.

Is Lovehoney Legit? Unique Offerings from Lovehoney

In addition to learning, is Lovehoney legit, you may want more reasons why you should give them your business. After all, there are plenty of sex toy websites out there to choose from. Well, Lovehoney is much more than just an online sex toy shop! In addition to toys, lingerie and other pleasure products, Lovehoney offers:

  • Extensive product guides and how-to’s
  • Advice from sex professionals
  • The Lovehoney Forum for customers
  • A YouTube channel
  • The Lovehoney Guide to Better Sex at College
  • A comprehensive blog
  • 280,000 sex toy reviews and counting

The Lovehoney Commitment to Diversity

After digesting all of that information, is Lovehoney a good company to which to give your business? Indeed, if you care about LGBTQ+ issues, Lovehoney is definitely a company you’ll want to give your hard-earned money. And here is why. From the Lovehoney site:

“We are delighted to be part of an exciting new collaboration with Stonewall by joining Stonewall’s Diversity Champions program. Stonewall campaigns for the equality of lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people everywhere.

Lovehoney has signed up to the program to help foster and embed LGBTQ+ inclusion in our workplace, and to learn from Stonewall’s expert knowledge, training and dedicated resources to support our work on LGBTQ+ inclusion.

The partnership builds on Lovehoney’s existing commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion, using the power of our product knowledge, product offering, and commitment to inclusive content (both internal and customer facing).”

How to Save Money Shopping at Lovehoney

So, do you have the answer to, “Is Lovehoney legit?” You should have! However, even with legitimacy, how can Lovehoney win you over as a customer? Let’s start at the most important thing a shopper looks for; good value.

Lovehoney used to have the best loyalty program among all sex toy websites. Sadly, they have discontinued the program. However, you can still save money while shopping at Lovehoney! First, you can take 20% off your first order by signing up for the Lovehoney newsletter. After that, you’ll be privy to sales, special promotions and other discounts before everyone else knows!

Also, you can use BedBible’s discount code for 10% off your order! Just type in this code, HONEYX10, at checkout or click through to shop now! For more information on how to use our discount code, click here for step-by-step instructions.

Finally, you can find more discount codes on the landing page of the Lovehoney website!

Lovehoney Sales and Promotions

Next, Lovehoney always has special deals and sales going on, in addition to their discount codes. Just click the “Deals” tab and you’ll find incredibly good deals like:

  • Discounts of up to 50% off on sex toys.
  • Specials like 3 items for the price of 2.
  • Up to 50% off on selected lingerie.
  • Clearance items in all departments.
  • 30% off well-known brands of sex toys.
  • 20% student discount.
  • Special product bundles.
  • And don’t forget to watch for their sexy Advent calendars as the holidays approach!

Is Lovehoney Legit? Their Selection of Sex Toys and Pleasure Products

Another way to show whether or not Lovehoney is legit, is by discussing their selection of sex toys and pleasure products. Indeed, the astronomical, number of products Lovehoney carries is impressive. However, you definitely can’t discount the fact that they stock some of the best brand names too. So, let’s learn more about the Lovehoney selection of sex toys and pleasure products.

Does Lovehoney Have a Good Selection of Sex Toys?

Yes, Lovehoney is a legit company that has a good selection of sex toys. Okay, maybe good isn’t the best word…. Fantastic would more aptly describe the Lovehoney treasure trove of sex toys and thrilling bedroom accessories.

For instance, Lovehoney offers sex toys for men, women, and couples as well as BDSM gear, sex pillows and wedges. Also, they sell sex dolls, every vibrator you could imagine on top of strap-on harnesses and masturbators. Therefore, If it straps on, slides in, slips on, vibrates, rumbles or strokes, Lovehoney has it!

And that description didn’t even skim the surface of the actual amount of sex toys Lovehoney carries. Seriously, you must take a look at their vast selection of intimate goodies!

So, if you are still asking, “Is Lovehoney legit?” you definitely need to head over to the site and start exploring.

Does Lovehoney Sell Quality Sex Toys?

Yes, Lovehoney does sell quality sex toys, including their own name brand products. As a matter of fact, Lovehoney is so positive that you’ll love their products that they back them with a guarantee.

The Lovehoney Guarantee

The Lovehoney 100-day money back promise says; if a toy or bondage item you have purchased from Lovehoney doesn’t enhance your sexual happiness, they will give you a full refund up to 100 days after your purchase. However, lingerie, lubes and better sex items are excluded from the money-back promise.

In addition, all products are guaranteed for 1 year after purchase and will be replaced, rather than refunded. So, not only does Lovehoney guarantee their quality sex toys, they guarantee your sexual happiness as well!

Is Lovehoney Safe?

Overall, is Lovehoney safe? Once you get past the question “Is Lovehoney legit?”, it’s only natural to question whether or not Lovehoney is safe. After all, who wants to place an order with an unsafe, unsecured website?!

But rest assured, Lovehoney is safe and ensures your comfort when you make a purchase from their website. What Lovehoney says about your safety:

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung