The Percussive Massage Gun Reviews 2023

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Suppose you have a healthy mate who always whines about being sore. In that case, a massage gun will assist in calming them and conserve money by preceding monthly classical massage concourses with a massage therapist. Do massage guns like Theragun help your muscles recover faster after a workout? Here's our review of the Theragun.

Are you feeling tightness or muscle soreness? Then, go for specific percussive massagers as they can release tight spots and further reduce muscle soreness. Many people have been utilizing the limited downtime that originated with the coronavirus pandemic to concentrate on their health. From financing in-home workout tools to online sessions and health recommendations, there is so much that professionals can do at home to stay in tip-top form.  

Are you looking for the best tool with scientific analysis? Then let me tell you, you're at the right place. These massage guns, which are typically supported by the same significant scientific research that helps massage therapy as the optimal tool for a sore tissue between exercise recovery, use the power of percussive strategy to regulate your body's soft tissue. Everyone from trained athletes and recreational gym-goers to somebody with chronic pain likes these persuasive massagers for many purposes. 

What is Percussive Massage Gun?

If you are looking for an electronic device that gives you relaxation, then read further; you are going to recognize that you are at the right place. Massage guns, also recognized as shock massagers, percussive treatment, and wave therapy, give many advantages of massage without the cost or the nuisance of a call to the massage therapist — something currently prohibited, with natural distancing. 

Percussive Massage Gun

These electronic devices, which begin at about $100 and match power tools, give an intense massage and typically come with various accessories, such as shells of altering density and finger-like points, and have different perspectives. Find out Theragun vs Hypervolt Massage Gun comparison.

 While they’re invented to be adopted by anyone, they’re most common among resistance professionals. But with the advantages begin a few opportunities as well. Here’s what you should recognize while working with one.

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How does it work?

Massage guns give what’s perceived as percussive or wave therapy. This kind of massage gives fast rounds of force into the body’s flesh tissue as its energy changes back and forward. Masseurs and masseuses have traditionally adopted a range of light strokes from the palms or wrists to the contracted muscle organization to notice this outcome. 

However, massage guns let professionals get similar benefits but support their own homes (without requiring to give routinely for luxury baths assistance). And unlike myofascial massaging devices, such as froth breakers, that can generate comparable effects, massage guns can hyper-target a specific problem area.

 For those who find foam rollers harsh or too standard of a method, massage guns give an extra smooth, automatic resolution.

Do massage guns actually work?

As percussive therapy fits as more modern, more knowledge is being published about its advantages and possible conditions. A 2014 study recommended that wave treatment and massage (both of which are a member of percussive therapy) are:

massage guns

  • Legally effective means to limit DOMS.
  • The postponed opening of muscle soreness.
  • Indicating you’re less inclined to assume muscle soreness or tightness 24 to 72 hours later an intensive workout.

Tapotement, the Swedish massage system that uses the same policy (but without the tools), also has been bestowed to enhance athletes’ overall coordination and review with just five minutes of practice.

Even though scientific indications appear to support these tools, it's essential to see that there's not much analysis on massage guns, respectively, as fully as the wave and amplitude of percussive therapy they give.

Are there affordable massage guns?

As stated, Thera guns manage to be with the more valuable percussive therapy devices out there. The company’s range of massage guns varies from $249 for its larger central Liv design to its $599 G3 Pro, a professional-grade tool that can give blows 40 times a second and provide users with a 60% more under massage than regular vibration massagers. The extra incentive mark is Tim Tam, which varies from $199.99 to $399. Therefore, if you see for a leisure choice, there are lots of ideas that accommodate.

If $249 is too abrupt for your popular means, know that there are affordable massage gun choices out there. On Amazon, for example, there’s an order of top-rated designs priced as low as $100.

What to look for in a percussive massage gun?

Rate and control

These two factors are the most prominent. Everyone's injury threshold and massage choices vary. Anyone can help from a massager with at most limited two perspectives: one doing less intense so you can use the gun on pretty sore muscles where you are encountering muscle stress or illness.

Variety of action: As explained in the NordicTrack classification, percussion and wave are very complex. When buying a massage gun, think which tool is more relevant to you. 


If you're working to be going with your massage gun, you'll require one that can comfortably alter into a bag or case or one that has its carrying bag. Though largest are certainly handheld massagers, some parts are comparatively heavy, such as the Tim Tam types.

Accessories and assistants

Where on your thesis will you utilize the massage gun? If you only utilize it on just your general muscles, such as your spine and legs, you don't require many additions or assistants. But suppose you expect to utilize it on particular regions and trigger features, such as your foot or neck curve. In that matter, you'd profit from fewer devotions created for those specific states.

Set life 

Pretty self-explanatory -- the higher the battery time, the better, as with all microelectronics.


 Of course, you'll require to see a therapeutic massager design within your resources. The most valuable massage guns regularly give a more flexible rate, power, and changing environments, but less costly types can unquestionably get the job completed.

Theragun Percussive Therapy

Theragun is accurately calibrated to give 60% lower into flesh than the regular massager, at 40 times an instant, for more critical therapeutic advantages to the group. Theragun's selection of massage guns involves three distinct types, all of which are rather pricey, particularly now that many other games accessories corporations have issued more affordable variants. 

Theragun Liv and the Theragun G3, I've decided whether both of these percussive massagers are worth the expenditure. Recognized the gold model in percussive therapy -- a massage method to relieve sore tissues -- the Theragun mark has captivated millions on social factors with videos of toned flesh rippling beneath the force of this tool, a la CrossFit Games champion Mathew Fraser.


Theragun Massage Devices | Up To $200 Off For A Limited Time

Theragun Massage Devices | Up To $200 Off For A Limited Time

What's excellent about Theraguns?

The Theragun gives on its obligations. The chief trading features are that it assists with exercise rehabilitation by publishing muscle stress and reducing soreness. It stimulates warmup and cool-down times for application and relieves pain without prescription or complement. 

Theragun makes all of those elements: In my few months of action with the Liv and G3, I've seen changes in states that players and recreational exercisers alike are intent on changing. Those elements include: 

  • Hurried restoration time after vigorous workouts, extensive runs 
  • It enhanced a variety of motion when utilized before exercises, particularly in the higher back and arms.
  • Overall, more valid muscle elasticity 
  • The direct knowledge of pain remedy when applied on sore tissues.

Who wants one? 

This issue is a little controversial because no one requires a Theragun. It's an assistant to a normal lifestyle, not needed. Nevertheless, several people can profit from and possess a Theragun. 

Anyone who feels muscle soreness or overall achiness can help from a Theragun. Still, those who practice regularly or protect hectic lifestyles stand to benefit from any percussive massager. Even further so, athletes and those severe about health and improvement will reasonably determine that a Theragun offers a pleasant extension to their system.

What's not so vast?

Related to other massage guns on the store, both the Theragun G3 and Liv lack emphasis on their price position. You can get quality percussive massage methods with just one or two rates for considerably more limited money. You can even obtain good massage guns with more articles for less money. Of course, you won't have "oohs" and "ahhs" from your associates if you buy a non-Theragun, but if you don't see for mark approval, who minds?

Theragun Elite Review


Theragun Massage Devices | Up To $200 Off For A Limited Time

Theragun Massage Devices | Up To $200 Off For A Limited Time

The Theragun Elite makes strong massages fast and secure. If you know what you're arranging, you can choose it up and begin using it. It's easy to apply with nearly a start and stop switch and speed restrictions.

Theragun Elite

Theragun Elite - Price: $399 at Therabody

The Theragun Elite is an accessibly reduced variant of the Theragun PRO, giving the identical excellent handheld impact form of massage as the top of the trade PRO, without with a few fewer points. While the PRO has more issues, the Elite is a high-value property at its value point, as you will, however, become to feel the brand Theragun style of practice.

It arises with a travel bag that contains everything, including the charger and all five accessories. Is it worth buying or not? Yes, it is for sure. 

Best Massage Guns

Usual workout improvement is accomplished by a particular combination of physical guidance and diet. It's nevertheless enjoyable to consider high-tech improvement devices intended to decrease muscle soreness (including the hard-to-resist CBD-infused activewear). One kind of these devices can view and offer the perfect holiday present for health practitioners: the percussion massage gun.

Theragun Pro G4 Review


Theragun Massage Devices | Up To $200 Off For A Limited Time

Theragun Massage Devices | Up To $200 Off For A Limited Time

The Theragun Pro G4 is, front and leading, much lower than its earlier repetition. Loudness has been the main criticism of Theragun clients since the company's first days, and the trademark made progress in remedying that. 

Theragun Pro G4 Review

Theragun PRO - Price: $599 at Therbody

I'm not speaking the Pro G4 is quiet -- it's still more potent than the near-silent Hypervolt Plus -- but it doesn't sound my mind like the G3 did, thankfulness to Theragun's latest QuietForce Technology. Assume you're a professional or severe exerciser who can distribute with what sounds like a reduced turkey carver (moreover, you're ready to spend top dollar for percussive therapy at your fingertips). In that situation, the Theragun Pro G4 is an outstanding choice for you.

With up to 60 pounds of energy, a rotating handle and ergonomic holder, a deep range of 16mm into your muscle mass, and races up to 2,400 copies per minute, the Theragun Pro is made for those who require consistent percussive therapy on various occasions per week. In short, it's the actual sale, but it does not deserve it for the everyday exerciser.

Theragun Mini


Theragun Massage Devices | Up To $200 Off For A Limited Time

Theragun Massage Devices | Up To $200 Off For A Limited Time

Suppose you require a drive of Theragun but can't manage a full-fledged design. In that case, the Theragun Mini goes for a much rad opportunity -- and it's super compact, a gift for somebody getting their massage gun everywhere outside their house. This short percussive massage tool is "surprisingly strong." 

Theragun Mini

Theragun Mini - Price: $199 at Therabody

Like the other new Theragun designs, the Mini is outfitted with Quiet Force technology that enables the machine to work just as intense but much more thoroughly than the earlier period of Theraguns. Theragun Mini has three-speed contexts, varying from 1,750 rpm to 2,400 rpm, and the series continues for 150 minutes of constant control. 

The main downside to the Theragun Mini is that it just appears with one liking, the official ball cap, so you have to bOKOK with that. You could buy other Theragun sizes a la carte because the Mini is agreeable with all the same accessories that come with different types. 

The Theragun Mini plus the full variety of accessories will cover you $329, at which time, you could obtain the Theragun Prime, which begins with four distinct categories.

Are Massage Guns Worth It?

If you've ever received a massage, you know exactly how life-changing it can be, whether you're a professional frequently trading with cramps and pains or an average person trying with a real old-fashioned "manual neck." With a few joints in your back and a few courses over those tension spots, you're quickly in much less pain — and less accentuated.

Massage guns have been having a meaningful time. They have a full variety of price details and users, from coaches and chiropractors to the order of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” But do these short (and seldom remarkably high) devices operate? And if so, do they deserve the money? Yes, it does.

Do the lower-end ones operate?

If a $400 to $600 massage gun isn’t in your economic destiny, despair not — the less costly ones could be a reasonable expense, too. If you’re ready to take the opportunity to learn how various massage guns run and do your analysis ere buying one, you force be prepared to find identical what you require without spending an arm and a leg for it. 

“Standards work with both a round or striking motion, with changing rates and strength,” Carey said. “Points when buying for one carry weight of the system, sound (a loud instrument is clearly not relaxing), and plenty of clues possible for generalized or more precise treatment.”

Other excellent methods to recover from tough workouts

If you're not specifically into the purpose of striking your muscles -- which can be uncomfortable if you're sensitive and compassionate --, you should understand that massage guns aren't your only choice for post-workout rehabilitation.


Ever query what it's like to immerse your organization in subzero temperatures? With the increasing demand for whole-body cryotherapy, you can work it out much much everywhere.

Far-infrared treatment: 

Tom Brady works excellent infrared-infused slacks and bedsheets to hold himself in tip-top form. It's thought to produce similar profits as heat therapy but without really getting you glowing. Find out if it operates. 

Condensation therapy: 

What's been about for years as a preventive therapy has earned its entrance into the fitness world as a healing device. You might feel foolish using big inflatable shoes, but there's some rather impressive science after concentration therapy for muscle rehabilitation. 

Utilizing a froth roller: 

You can ever adhere to the basics. Science says using a foam roller is excellent for tight fibers and collective mobilization, which may support reduce some soreness -- or, at the smallest, perform it more comfortable to walk around when you're previously incredibly sore. Hyperice, the organization that offers the smooth Hypervolt massage gun, also offers a vibrating froth roller so that you can notice the results of percussive therapy and foam rolling at an identical rate. 

Produced and able to kick the gym repeatedly? Beat indifference on your next treadmill shot and see out if Orangetheory Fitness deserves the hype.

What do specialists think of the massage gun?

While my last sports chiropractor appointment, I requested his view.

“Do you believe people should be applying these at home??”

Dr. Spitz had a couple of excellent points to say:

I believe it’s fascinating when people initial see it and then many kinds of place it to the front and stop applying it (touché my friend touché on every gizmo we lust behind)

People should NOT just prevent going over and over a sensitive region (that’s an excellent method to increase infection, just like why you don’t foam roll your IT Band)

It’s famous for going into a glute while also managing the flow of the leg.


Are you feeling tightness or muscle soreness? Then, Specific percussive massagers can release tight spots and further reduce muscle soreness. I feel ok with this toll on your relaxation.

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