Plank Mattress Review 2024

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Exclusive - 25% Off Sitewide

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Up To 30% Off Sale Items

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Military Offer! Get 25% Off + Free Shipping On Your Entire Order

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Save $65 On Selected Bed Foundations

The Plank Firm mattress is a flippable mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. It has a different firmness profile on each side of the bed –– firm and extra firm. There is no doubt about it, this is a firm mattress, so it’s not for everyone.

The Plank Firm mattress is definitely better suited to specific types of sleepers. Firm-bed lovers and back or stomach sleepers are the ideal sleepers for this bed. Heavier folks and side sleepers will likely prefer a different mattress. Find out if you will or won’t like it below.

Choose the firm side:

  • If you sleep with a partner who is a different weight. Most weight classes (outside of petite) will find the firm side of the Plank Firm comfortable. 
  • If you like firm mattresses but still want a level of pressure relief from your bed. Even though it is a firm mattress, there is some contouring on the softer side. 
  • If you change sleeping positions through the night. Combo sleepers who favor their back or stomach during the night will find the firm side to be comfortable. 

Choose the extra-firm side:

  • If you want an extra-firm mattress. Make no mistake, this is one of the firmest beds you can get.

Plank FirmMattress Firmness and Feel

How firm is the Plank Firm mattress?

Plank Firm is double-sided, meaning you can sleep on both sides of the bed. Which is not only unique, but it gives sleepers the option to choose what firmness level they prefer. 

The Plank Firm mattress comes in two firmness levels –– one side is firmer than the other. This feature sets Plank Firm bed apart from the rest. It allows consumers to test both sides of the bed and decide which one suits their sleeping habits. Alternatively, you can use both sides to extend the life of the mattress.

How does the Plank Firm mattress feel?

The Plank Firm Bed has a firm, neutral feel on the softer side and a firmer feel on the firm side. The bed doesn’t feel viscous like memory foam — instead, the Plank Firm mattress feels like classic responsive foam. The top layers on both sides are still soft and comfortable, but you don’t sink into the bed. You sleep more on top of the mattress, and your hips stay in horizontal alignment with the rest of your body.

Plank Firm Mattress Construction And Design

This mattress has four foam layers and totals 11.25″ thick. Starting from the firm side and working down, here’s how the mattress is constructed:

  • Firm-side top layer — The top layer of the firm side of the Plank Firm mattress is 3/4″ of quilted soft proprietary foam for supportive comfort.
  • Transition layer — Next, you’ll find 2″ of TitanFlex support foam to provide a transition in between foams.
  • Main support layer — The bed’s support comes from 7″ of high-density poly foam.
  • Soft-side top layer — On the softer side of the bed there is 1.5″ of quilted soft proprietary foam for more plush support.
  • Cover  Wrapping the four foam layers is a non-removable quilted cover. Overall, it’s soft, comfortable and gives the bed a premium look.

The primary difference between the two sides comes down to the thickness of the soft proprietary foam the bed uses for its two end pieces. The firm side has 3/4″ of soft foam and a layer of firm support foam underneath, while the soft side has 1.5″ of soft foam on top of the bed’s main support layer.

Plank Firm Mattress Cover

Wrapping the four foam layers is a non-removable quilted cover. Overall, it’s soft, comfortable and gives the bed a premium look.

What Does the Plank Firm Mattress Cost?

Twin $699 $808
Twin XL $749 $1,160
Full $799 $1,184
Queen $999 $1,389
King $1,249 $1,751
Cal King $1,249 $1,833

However, those are just the MSRP prices. Plank Firm is aggressive when it comes to sales, discounts, and promo codes. The company is almost always running a promotion. Check the box on the right to see what kind of discount you can get.

The Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm lands in the middle of the bed-in-a-box industry in terms of price. Considering its high-quality construction and versatility, we think Plank Firm is a good value. Here’s how MSRP pricing breaks down by size:

Plank Firm Mattress Performance

Pressure relief

Because both sides of the mattress are so firm, the Plank Firm bed isn’t great for pressure relief. Side sleepers especially won’t get nearly enough relief for their shoulders and hips, especially smaller individuals. If you are petite or a side sleeper, we would not recommend the Plank Firm for pressure relief.

Temperature regulation

Ultimately, we think the Plank Firm mattress sleeps temperature neutral. The Plank Firm bed doesn’t use any special cooling textiles or materials, but given its firmness level and the fact that you sleep more on top of the bed should help prevent you from warming up at night.

You can purchase a cooling top panel for your Plank Firm mattress. We didn’t test out the cooling model, but the materials are similar to what you find in Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora mattress. It does raise the cost a bit ($200 more for a twin and $250 more for a queen/king), but it’s a good option for those who tend to sleep hot.

Motion Isolation

First, the Plank Firm bed limits motion transfer extremely well. It passed our tests easily. This is good news for people who share a bed with an active sleeper. A bed like the Plank Firm that isolates motion well means you’ll feel less of your partner’s movements, which will help you get a more restful night’s sleep.

Edge Support

The Plank Firm mattress provides superb edge support. In fact, it’s one of the best beds we’ve ever tested in this department. As you inch towards the perimeter of the bed, you always feel properly supported. This is crucial if you sleep on a smaller mattress or have a partner who pushes you all the way to the edge of the bed.

Is Plank Firm A Good Mattress For Couples?

Yes, as long as both partners are primarily back and stomach sleepers. If that’s the case, the Plank Firm is a viable option for couples. Below we’ll go through a few key indicating factors that couples should consider.

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