The Sill Review 2024

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Special Discount | 15% OFF Sitewide - Exclusive

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10% Off Entire Store - Exclusive

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Up To 45% Off Sale Items

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Free Shipping On All Orders

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Up To 30% Off Easy Care Plants

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Sign Up And Get 15% Off Your First Order

The Sill is “a modern destination for the modern plant lover” that delivers potted plants right to your door. In The Sill Shop, you will find live plants, fake plants, and even a selection of plant accessories. 

Mentioned in the likes of USA Today, My Domaine, and The New York Times, the company has amassed 836k+ followers on The Sill Instagram alone and has become a go-to location for plant lovers.

The Sill plants review will introduce you to the company, its story, and some of the beautiful plants available for purchase on their website. Keep reading The Sills Plants review to learn more.

The Sill was founded in 2007 by Eliza Blank in New York City, New York. The idea sprouted after she realized how hard houseplants were to find in a concrete jungle like NYC.

The Sill’s mission is to “bridge the gap between plants and people, offering products and services that fit with your style, your lifestyle, and your budget.”

So, she did her research and brought her vision to life. All of their offered plants are sourced in the US and The Sill pots and planters are made in Southeast Asia by a female-run business.

Keep reading this The Sills plant review for a list of the brand’s pros and cons. If you’re in the market for some new houseplants, you are going to want to continue reading.


  • A variety of different plants are available for any plant-lover’s interest
  • The Sill forum: The brand offers free The Sill workshops and webinars 
  • Monthly plant subscription service available
  • The Sill Plant Parent Club is a membership program that offers exclusive deals and discounts like The Sill free shipping


  • Does not ship internationally, only ships to the US
  • A lot of The Sill plants reviews shared that they received dead plants/plants in poor condition
  • Plants can be on the pricier side with the cost of the pots factored in

The Sill Plants Review

In the next section of this The Sill plants review, we will go over some of their top-selling plants. If you’re looking to add a little life into your space, read on to learn about some diverse and beautiful plant varieties.

One detail we love is that you can select the color of the accompanying planter for each plant, as well as the planter style.

But it’s important to note that the selection of planters will affect your final price. For this review, we will base all of the pricing of the plants in grow pots as the pots are extras.

With so many best-sellers to cover, some additional popular and best-selling plants are not mentioned in this The Sill plants review. These plants include:

  • The Sill Rubber Tree
  • The Sill Hoya Kerri
  • The Sill Rattlesnake Calathea
  • The Sill Marimo Moss Ball
  • The Sill Money Tree Plant
  • The Sill Norfolk Island Pine
  • Dracaena The Sill plants
  • The Sill Moss Wall 

The Sill Philodendron

First up in this The Sill plants review, Philodendron is the brand’s most popular plant. Its heart-shaped leaves are beautiful and unique.

When it comes to lighting, it requires bright/indirect to low light and only needs watering every 1-2 weeks. This adorable option is ideal for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience caring for plants.

The plant comes in medium and small sizes and includes a nursery grow pot and the addition of a stylish ceramic planter if you choose. The Philodendron small size rings in at $23 and the medium size retails for $32.

The Sill Monstera 

The Monstera has been nicknamed the swiss cheese plant because of its unique holes in the leaves. Your Monstera may not have holes depending on how mature the plant is, but they do appear over time.

When it comes to its lighting needs, this plant likes bright/indirect to medium lights and requires watering every 1-2 weeks, so again, there’s not too much maintenance here. You don’t need a green thumb to keep this one alive.

When it comes to pricing, the Monstera rings in at $33 for the medium size, which is the only size currently listed for this particular plant.

The Sill ZZ Plant 

The ZZ Plant is another popular and recognizable plant choice. This tropical plant has characteristic thick waxy green leaves, is a member of the aroid plant family, and has excellent air-purifying abilities.

This beauty enjoys medium to low indirect light, meaning this plant may require some light maintenance. Since this plant is from a dry natural environment, it also has an excellent ability to store water and survive drought.

Easy to take care of, it only requires watering every 2-3 weeks. This ZZ Plant sells for $26 for the small size and $38 for the medium.

The Sill Aglaonema

The Aglaonema is a stunningly colorful plant. Its leaves are adorned with hues of pink and red and will add a real pop of color and life to your space.

Native to tropical and subtropical areas in Asia and New Guinea, it might look difficult and complicated to care for, but spoiler alert, it’s not!

This show-stopping plant is surprisingly low maintenance. It can thrive in bright/indirect to low light environments but do ensure it has the proper light or its colors may fade.

This plant requires watering every 1-2 weeks. When it comes to the cost of $72, this particular Aglaonema plant is only available in the Acadia planter in size medium.

The Sill Pothos

Looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t have a green thumb? Well, there’s a plant for that too! It may be artificial but it will still add life and greenery to any space.

You won’t need to grab The Sill Watering Can for this one. Enter the Pothos, one of the brand’s most popular faux plants. 

Its quality is stunning and it looks incredibly real. When it comes to The Sill, sustainability is always a top priority. Rest assured that their faux plants are made of the best high-quality materials.

This Pothos plant comes in a medium size with a cream Balboa planter, so there aren’t a lot of customization options. That being said, the white planter is timeless and will complement any space with faux beauty for $85.

The Sill Plant Subscriptions

The Sill subscription boxes are an exciting offering as you will receive a new potted plant each month. There are three different subscription boxes available:

  • The Beginner Plant Subscription Box ($60/month): This box is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of experience keeping plants alive. The plants you receive in this subscription method will be low maintenance and easy to take care of.
  • The Low Light Plant Subscription Box ($42/month): In need of plant options for your low-light space? This plan could be perfect for you. The Sill will send a host of low-maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of light to thrive.
  • Pet-friendly Plant Subscription Box ($46/month): The pet-friendly box is a great plant option for all pet owners. You can add some beautiful, joy-inducing houseplants to your space without worry. You don’t need to be concerned about plant toxicity or any danger to your pet.

You can alter or cancel your subscription to your Sill subscription at any time on the brand’s official website.

Is The Sill Plants Worth It?

Based on research for this The Sill plants review, this brand is definitely worth the buy. The prices are budget-friendly but wouldn’t go for a plant with an accompanying pot as they seem to be quite pricey.

Thankfully, the brand offers plants with a standard planter pot which makes them much more affordable. There’s something for everyone at every price point.

Some of the main things that customers love about The Sill are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Careful packing
  • Additional instructional and educational materials that come with the plants

When it comes to buying house plants online, these are all valuable assets that any potential buyer likes to see.

What you see is what you get and there’s a variety of plant species to choose from. Without a doubt, you will be able to find something that works for your space. For these reasons, we would be excited to shop for the brand.

If you’re willing to dole out a little extra cash for the pretty pot and convenience of delivery, it’s definitely worth a shot.

The Sill Plants Promotions & Discounts 

Looking for a The Sill coupon or discount code? Unfortunately, there are no promotions currently available but if you sign up for their newsletter, you can receive 15% off your first order. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for The Sill holiday promotions.

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