Theragun vs Hypervolt | Best Massage Gun Review

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Are you tired and feeling soreness in muscles? We will tell you the best devices for your relaxation and comfort. Massage guns are becoming the health device world by passion. These percussive therapy tools target aching muscles with rapid-fire oscillations, striving to give the advantages of massage therapy from the ease of your home.

Are you looking for an experimental device for you? Yes, these tools are analysed by scientists. Many massage gun users testify by the gadget’s capacity to assist loosen muscles, increase post-workout muscle regeneration, and limit prolonged encounter muscle soreness (DOMs) by improving blood movement to the soft muscles and decreasing lactic acid accumulation.

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While researchers have yet to verify the effectiveness of massage guns, studies confirm the therapeutic skills of vibration therapy and massage, both of which are a percussive therapy member.

How Are They Used?

Massage guns, also recognized as percussion massagers, percussive therapy and fluctuation treatment, give many advantages of massage without the account or the trouble of talking to the massage therapist — something currently prohibited, with natural distancing. 

Theragun vs Hypervolt

These cordless devices, which begin at around $100 and match power drills, give a strong message and typically come with various accessories, such as shells of different density and finger-like points, and have various perspectives. 

While they’re intended to be prepared by anyone, they’re most common between resistance athletes such as triathletes and ultra-marathoners, says Hugh Williams, the purchasing manager of Addaday, a massage gun company. But with the advantages come several opportunities as well.

What Is The Secret Tip?

When it appears to massage gun regulation, more isn't fundamentally more useful. How generous is too critical? "If the muscle is growing red instantly, that means you've got a set of blood movement in there," Shadle says. At that tip, he suggests moving the massage gun to a different body section. 

He also writes that if you retain the massage gun on one point for too hard (in some instances, more than several minutes), your coat can become painful and uncomfortable, and your chance of bruising. In common, he informs, evading keeping the gun in a dormant state for more than a few moments and rolling it around in a short space in one area rather.


A fast browse on Amazon sets up a wide variety of opportunities, with cost checks varying from $100 to north of $2,000. Why cost changes so much is anyone’s guess? That’s one of life’s stories.

There are specific points to think about when making a bargain. Some users may want to view a company’s character and the availability of consumer payment and guarantees. “Because the massage guns are so strong, I want an organization to be after me if something goes amiss,” says Shadle, explaining why he went with a name mark as exposed to one of the generics.

Also, examine the static level and ergonomics. A powerful tool may not just be disturbing — it can be counterproductive. If your machine says “like a jackhammer,” Williams says, you’re also expected to tense up, which will strip you of some of the advantages. (Williams also writes that the noise level isn’t ever shown in the cost.) 

But even a quiet massager won’t support you if its mass, shape and pressure make it tough to manage. For people with smaller hands and osteoarthritis, these parts are especially valuable.

Theragun vs Hypervolt

The Theragun is properly comprehended as an exercise replacement machine, but it was produced especially as a chiropractor's pain control device. So, as a pain-relief device, it can heal various diseases, including stress, bonds, pangs, disorders and yes, aching tissues.

The HyperVolt is compact, responds elevated and isn’t as powerful as its opponents. It’s simple to apply, improves everyday athletes improve and increases enforcement. It’s a top-notch device that creates vibration therapy available to everyday professionals.


Applying a Theragun (or different percussive therapy tool like the Hypervolt Hyperice) can assist improve your discipline and make your body for activity. According to Theragun, applying the design pre-workout aids stimulate your tissues and improve a series of action.

Researches have revealed that massage therapy in oscillation design can help muscular methods and muscles because it copies performance and impacts tissue purpose and coordination. Don’t set your thumbs too near to the end of the swappable front — in a trial. I decided that it’s reasonable to rob your skin in the device.

When it gets to work rehabilitation, percussive therapy tools are frequently related to deep tissue massages or foam rolling. As the Theragun and different percussive therapy tools have extreme power (up to 60 pounds to be precise), it can go longer than state a foam roller or even a long series massage.

While the engine is lower than the TheraGun (also on that next), it’s yet not as soft as your electric toothbrush. I practised it in a factory situation, and people were more than a little unusual about what the sound was. While it’s too heavy for public service, it likely wouldn’t disturb anyone if you applied it after a closed-door or tucked off in a niche.

People ask the Theragun a massage gun for a reasonable cause -- the tool seems like an (emotional) massage and can aid amusement and decrease tension. According to Theragun, percussive therapy can help decrease stress, anxiety, and help you unwind as it "downregulates" the nervous method. If you're not certain how the method will help you appear less emphasized, pains and anguish will have anyone up at night. So it can't bother to work it before bed to help relieve pangs and pains so you can float off to sleep gently. While there is a type of swinging foam rollers on the store — like the 

HyperIce Vyper $200, NextRoller Electric Vibrating Foam Roller $100 and TriggerPoint Grid Vibe $100 — there aren’t several oscillation therapy tools like the HyperVolt. The hand-held purpose of this one is individual. It’s related to the TheraGun but distinguishes itself in less key regions.

Massage Gun Reviews 2022

Now, as many superfluous, in-person meetings like massage therapy gatherings are transpiring cancelled due to COVID-19 anxieties, it may the most suitable time for you to spend in your massage gun.

Two organizations that have grown to the top of the massage gun game are Therabody (a.k.a. the buyer of Theragun and TheraOne group outcomes) and Hyperice, which lately incorporated into a replacement behemoth by hauling up with Norma Tec. 

Both kinds have developed into more completely developed 'rescue' corporations to increase their total-body healing gifts and have gone away just the great percussive massage therapy. But there are several more in the store that has produced feature results to ease your aching muscles.

Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun

The Hypervolt Plus, the second season of the dominant percussion massager from Hyperice, challenges the Theragun in functionality and purpose but is the most suitable massage gun if you also see it for the most reserved. This massage gun is strong and effective, yet relatively quiet -- I could have a long sitting with the Hypervolt Plus without sensing like my eardrums were flourishing, which is the problem with many massage guns, particularly when applied on the neck and joints. 

Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun

Hyperice's QuietGlide technology, including 90-watt high-torque engine together, conveys everything you could require in a massage gun: A relaxing, pain-relieving knowledge. The Hypervolt Plus issues with five peak accessories for going out tight tissue issues and tissue clusters wherever you may feel them. The branch affection is unusually powerful for control within the arm edges and on the neck. 

The Hypervolt Plus ought five-speed/pressure surroundings, creating it perfect for those who feel different muscle soreness or anxiety levels. The most profound percussion massage distance held excellent when I applied it on very painful tissues after support day. At the same time, the most important environment works surpassing on tight muscles but not soft.

Is The Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun Worth It?

That's a bunch of money to waste on a massage gun! The problem, of course, is whether it's meriting the price. I favour the HyperIce Hypervolt over conventional foam rollers, and so do the customers who have attempted it. The admirable quality of the massage gun is that you can target specific collections in your tissues.

 It also gives it more satisfaction with making the myofascial discharge a portion of your system because you can practice the gun while viewing TV or still in the car. You don’t have to remain on the spot.

The HyperIce Hypervolt is also more compact. Well arrives in a carry case with four additions. The accessories are another prominent leader of the massage gun because you can alter the weight you utilize. 

One final advantage of the HyperIce Hypervolt over conventional foam rollers is that it is more comfortable to massage your backbone. Something like the Hypervolt is also targeted, so you can have someone else massage you while withdrawing your point.

Hypervolt Deep Tissue Myofascial Release Massage

The Hypervolt gives support from tissue discomfort and tightness from overuse or underuse.  People who assemble at tables all time find support for strong neck tissues and snares.  Professionals get support for firm yearlings, arms and legs.  It even provides a foot pain cure for athletes or those who experience Plantar Fasciitis. 

Hypervolt Deep Tissue Myofascial Release Massage

The cordless technology enables us to apply it only about everywhere, and unlike other acknowledged vibration massage devices, the Hypervolt is very low.  We tailor various perspectives to your requirements, with some cases favouring the lower frames and others preferring the most active environment, which gives up to 3200 blows per minute. 

Battery Life

The motor area is what will immediately affect the battery lifespan on both the Hypervolt standards. The primary Hypervolt has an insignificantly longer life because it is not attracting as much power with each blow. The Hypervolt Plus serves, on normal, about 2.5 hours, where the initial design will serve up to 3 hours. 

So, repeat, this is not a large variety overall. While the set life is smaller on the Hypervolt Plus, it is not that much smaller. For most consumers, they will not waste the battery room after one application. In separate applications, the battery can be chosen by you, and you’ll nevermore have to bother about it falling out. It can be an argument when you are moving or if you operate in a therapeutic situation. If you use the Hypervolt Plus for various cases, you may run without the battery.

Characteristics Added On Hypervolt Models.

Both Hypervolt types involve many of the same characteristics. These projecting points are listed below: 

  • They are both lightweight massage guns that are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer set. 
  • Both have three distances of each 34, 44, or 54 blows per second. 
  • One battery is added simultaneous property, but they can be updated to various battery capacities and replacements. 
  • The organization, Hyperice, utilizes a licensed Quiet Glide Technology, giving them work at 55-65 decibels. This technology enables you to practice the equipment everywhere without bothering those about you. Many other massage guns are very loud when in practice, but these are not. 
  • They are both furnished with brushless high revolution machines. 
  • Although the influence and colour are somewhat complex, the guns' form and build are essentially indistinguishable. 

Both types have five various head accessories that are involved: 

  • Standard shell
  • Hindrance
  • Thumb
  • Service
  • Pitchfork

With so many protruding points, it is evident that both the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus are excellent massage guns. You can't go inside with either type. Their various head accessories and blow surroundings supply you with a diversified massage practice that is arduous to strike.

Theragun Pro Massage Gun

In MAY 2020, Theragun rebranded as Therabody and started four new percussive therapy tools—devices that apply speedy fires of force that arouse the bloodstream to relax sore tissues—highlighting more subdued engines than their antecedents. (These tools are still asked Theraguns.)

Theragun Pro Massage Gun

We examined three new entrants for various weeks and addressed them to a natural therapist and strong manager to see what these tools are producing. Spoiler warning: They give us sense great but at a substantial price. We've described several of the new figures later and what's Notified and Spent about them. We've also added some more affordable alternatives from other kinds. 

Best (and Quietest) Theragun

The Theragun Elite tenderized my tissues like nothing other. Even on its lowest speed perspective, the right froth tip helped reduce deep muscle soreness and muscle strain with just a few seconds of application. The app combination performs it simple to organize and save massage methods for recurring pains, and it's surprisingly close. (It's Therabody's most modest tool.)

It does not have a rotating assembly, but it does not require it. The triangle form enables you to place your deal, though you require to transfer back and neck tissues. It appears with one battery, as exposed to the Pro's two, but I got about two hours of performance out of every round, which was long rather for many gatherings because I infrequently practised it for more than 10 or 20 minutes at a point.

Best for Severe Athletes

The most valuable group, the fourth-generation Pro, is the variety of equipment utilized in a college's athletic field or a licensed sports team. It does 60 pounds of energy at a kind of speed. That might sound like a group, and I, living as a non-athlete, was frightened to adjudicate this at first because I was convinced it would be uncomfortable.

 Still, it's especially important for mitigating my continually sore back. It's smaller than 60 pounds of punching, more further than 60 pounds of refreshing massages.

It's just one in Therabody's list with a rotating handle, giving it smooth to work on any place that would usually be embarrassed to relinquish yourself. It has OLED security so that you can recognize the level of strength, and it's the only tool that arises with a froth point for painful operations. The Pro has two external batteries, and each can last 2.5 hours. It's not quite, but it's not so powerful that it'll understand your acquaintances if you require to apply it at bedtime.

A Bit Lower, But Still Good!

The Prime is just of the four tools we didn't experiment with, but it's best in the centre of the application based on its specs. There's no OLED mask-like on the Pro and Elite, but it has LED symbols for rate. The Prime uses 30 pounds like power, ten fewer than the Elite, 30 fewer than the Pro, but ten more further than the Mini. It isn't the most immeasurable access for a trained athlete who regularly works their body to the max, but it's higher than enough for everyday pains and cramps.

Like the Elite, the Prime's ergonomic triangle handle provides for simple reaching, and its array serves two hours. It can't be required by you wirelessly—the Pro and the Elite can—but we don't believe that's an influential circumstance.

Portable, But Harder To Apply

The Mini is bare-bones, essentially a Theragun can see, and as the title implies, is much more portable than its siblings. It should three-speed environments configurable by the original switch on one of its terms, and it can last about 2.5 hours on a separate entry. It's a stout body, but the rubber construction gives it simple to seize. 

The most economic activity (1,750 percussions per minute) was sufficient most of the time, helping my (Julian) partner's and my flesh after exercises. I also regularly applied it on my end following a hard day of the meeting, and while I can't exactly say it did anything appropriately, it earned me feel great.

My most significant complaint is that it's very difficult to apply it on my back tissues conveniently because of its small dimension—it's more enjoyable when you can see someone to assist. The other types are more comfortable to apply by yourself. Their group also says it's "near-silent," which may be right compared with other things on the shop, but it's yet distinctly loud. I also need the charger that wasn't fashionable, clashing with models like USB-C, but that's a trivial nitpick.

The Best Non-Theragun Percussive Design

We choose the Theraguns over, but they're too costly for the greatest of us. Of the three things we examined from other names, this More Intelligent Image massager is the most reliable. For about $150, you'll notice a percussive therapy massager that smoothly fights out all the aches and knots in your tissues. It's the easiest of the choices and seems happy to exist, but it's not truly as simple to operate on your back as Theragun's ergonomic handles.

It appears with five accessories—most tools we've discussed come with the same characters—and has three energy levels. Plus, it originates with a carrying bag that performs it simple to collect or deliver with you to the gym (when we can go to gyms over).

Deep Tissue Massager

Later a lengthy day on the project, it can be developing a more active than typical exercise, or simply any day that stops in. We've all been there, and "there" is staggering from tissue pain. A 2016 critique written by the CDC says an expected 20.4% (50 million) of U.S. grown-ups had constant pain. 

Deep Tissue Massager

It's no surprise then that the business of individual massage devices varying from short and targeted to high and full-bodied is fully soaked. And that's a portion of what performs it so tough to attain the most select massager. It serves to understand what to see for, and that's where we seem to the authorities.

Deep tissue massage benefits to manage muscle soreness and increase stiffness, and percussive therapy is associated with helping muscles better faster, decrease the corrosive lactic accumulation that creates tissue pain, increases the variety of movement and versatility, and promotes blood movement.

Hold in mind that deep tissue massagers may not be the most suitable choice for everyone, though. "Exactly like there are some situations in which you should not receive a massage because of either pre-existing medical situation, you should see those equal guidelines when practising a deep tissue massager," Gomez says. "In other information, if you have an impairment, injury, or any additional chronic ailment, make certain you communicate to your doctor first ere using a deep tissue massager."

Muscle Massager Gun

You require – nay, need – a massage. You've wasted the preceding few months both landed on a dining chair or supine on your divan, and it hasn't made your back/neck/wellbeing any services. Ditto your choice to take spine-first in bodyweight workouts.

The difficulty is the sense of giving a little room with a touchy-feely visitor directly now supplies you with obvious terror. No expense of Enya or flame could enable you to rest. That's why we've turned up our percussive massage guns on the demand; long soft tissue operators that assist healing, reduce soreness, increase flow, direct bearing problems and assist you to obtain higher out of your tissues. They're rather pleasant, too.

Pros & Cons of Theragun 

Pros & Cons of Theragun 


  • Senses great on your tissues
  • It can aides decrease muscle tightness.
  • Covers many excellent articles & abettors versus rivals
  • Character form and stuff with great consideration to detail


  • The environmental advantages it gives are dangerous.
  • Pricier contrasted to its rivals.

Pros & Cons of Hypervolt


  • Senses reliable and can decrease muscle strain.
  • I have extended battery time.
  • Excellent value related to its rivals.
  • More extra power.


  • It yet does the identical task as everything other (self-massage).
  • The massaging scalp vessel shaft for hard-to-reach spaces.
  • The froth cover can paint your things (be careful).

Though massage guns let professionals get the identical advantages but in the rest of their own homes (and without wanting to spend routinely for leisure spa sets), and unlike myofascial massaging devices, such as froth rollers, that can abandon related outcomes; massage guns can hyper-target a particular difficulty area.

Finals Thoughts

If you are rich, feel comfort, and If you're okay with spending a rebate value for a freebie massage gun, we believe the Theragun PRO is completely worth the expense. Even with its massive price check, the price seemed confirmed as soon as we commenced doing it. The grip pattern allows the most advantage of all the images we examined. 

If we talk about its overall appearance, then the overall appearance performs it simple to design around joints, lower end, and another hard-to-reach area. Of all the figures we examined, the Theragun PRO was the overall most suitable design for the comfort of control, overall form, and quietness. 

We don't promote the Theragun Mini for most consumers because its oddly-shaped designation and petite size present it hard to remove stress in hard-to-reach areas. While it's great, it needs the power of its more-expensive equivalents. Furthermore, it's the benefit of a great resource for more inexperienced users who aren't concerned regarding deep muscle relaxation. In short, Theragun Pro is the winner of the debate.

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung

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