TimTam Massager Review 2022

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The massage gun is currently a unity of the various modern technology changes for pleasure massage, and healing. But is it the "revelation operator" that people are demanding it to be? In this brief report, we will be studying one of the bestselling designs of 2022 and staring at some of the significant points. After an intensive period of exercise, ascending a staircase of stairs can appear like an incredible job.


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TimTam has launched a handheld massager's restored alternative, joining a retractable threaded rod, enabling you to alter the aim to give various muscle relaxations efficiently. While this is a gentle slope, it is far more potent than fighting types like the Theragun G3PRO. Despite lying down or persisting up can be remarkably sensitive. Muscle soreness is joint after the operation, and appropriate healing techniques to help setting should be too. 

Powermassager™ Pro + Pocket Powermassager™

Powermassager™ Pro + Pocket Powermassager™ - Price: $599.99 at TimTam Massager

Aloft the years, massages and spume rolling were the usual modern recovery tactics. It wasn’t till lately that massage guns arrived on the view. Let's get roused with our Timtam Power massager review!

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TimTam Power Massager

The Timtam Power Massager is an electric massaging tool (identified as a shock massager or “massage gun”), deeply valued by game professionals and instructors. The handheld massager supports tissue leisure and can help in healing time later an intensive exercise.

Timtam Power Massager Pro + Trainer Backpack

Timtam Power Massager Pro + Trainer Backpack - Price: $799.99 at TimTam Massager

A method is a potent device directed at those who crave to apply it for particular or games profession-based advantage. The massager can be utilized on several various tissue organizations including, but not restricted to glutes, abs, ribs, forearms, palms, rear, mavericks, and several more. Massage guns have got deep tissue massage available to anyone, at any time, externally, ever having to move outside the home (or return for a massage therapist).

How does it work?

The TimTam Power Massager device is operated simply by winding on the top. You can customize the massage front to execute it more comfortably to apply by rotating it throughout 90 degrees and fastening it within the position. Then all you ought to do is touch the trigger key and use it to your covering! 

The gun makes the release, including all of the power of impact massage for you. For security purposes, you have to operate the trigger below the whole time, which provides you with more command above the TimTam than guns that have locking triggers.

Benefits of using TimTam

Massage does curiosities for the group and is also a substantial mysterious pick-me-up.


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Free Gift With Every Purchase

Alike a regular massage, the application of the TimTam Power Massager also has tremendous health advantages.

  1. The first benefit is it improves the blood circulation to the wounded area. Wounds recover quicker when there is an elevated blood issue, which carries an oxygen-rich line that will help restore the tissues' microtears and reduce scarring.
  1. The second benefit is to speedup tissue healing after an exercise. I am feeling discomfort following a workout usually is not a healthy symbol. Embarrassment is usual after challenging activities, but real endeavour could be a symptom of an offence.
  1. A third advantage is a leisure and wellness. A relaxed group has more moderate levels of pressure hormone cortisol.
  1. The last advantage is pain modulation. Less tissue pain points to a more reliable appearance. With more comprehensive power of your tissues, you can make more satisfying, about 2%-5%, starting to special world reports.

 Disadvantages of TimTam

These are the features we discuss the TimTam could update on:

  1. The engine becomes heavy. It is a control device, and it performs as much sound like one. The noise suffocates our communications and TV.
  1. There is only one activity. The one-speed is excellent and very helpful, but several rate decisions would proceed massager even fit.
  1. Battery time could be longer. You receive 20 minutes of attack life after full ammunition. Although I see that’s all the time I want, it would be kind if it could serve a little higher.
  1. Joining the rewards needs a minimum of fiddling. The threaded rod is applied to connect the data to the articulating crisis securely, but it needs freedom to twist and extract those items. A reliable snap-on, the snap-off device would be an attractive accessory to the following account.

Where to Apply This Percussion Massager?

The TimTam is varied and can be applied in several portions of the body – from the throat to the toes. Apply it on the rear of your neck, the joints, the higher bottom for cold shoulders, and rigid necks. Use it to the higher and deeper end tissues for backbone pain and stiffness.


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Increase your variety of movement by practising it on your deltoids, higher firearm and forearms, and ribs tissues.

Negotiate pains in your forearms, fingers, carpal tube in your palms and wrists, and sport joint. Apply it to increase and improve your glutes' versatility, ham flexors, hamstrings, and adductors in your legs. And provide your yearlings and scales more excellent elasticity and heal plantar fasciitis discomfort in your toes.

What’s in the box?

Hot & Cold Tip Bundle
Hot & Cold Tip Bundle - Price: $34.99 at TimTam Massager

Each possession of the TimTam Power Massager involves the comprehending:

  • The Power Massager system. The strong motor is manufactured form and able to deliver 2500 blows per moment. It contains 6 ½ measures x 7 ⅞ inches and shows a very slight 2.2 pints.
  • A detachable and easy-to-clean Official Circuit Therapy Tip. Although the system only happens with one rubber suggestion, different accessories are obtainable for buying from TimTam. Additions may be formed from rubber or alloy. 
  • A detachable and rechargeable 12-Volt Li-Ion collection. One full price is valid for a 20- to 30-minute consecutive assembly. It forces not appear like quite but 5 minutes with the TimTam Power Massager is roughly the equivalent of 30 minutes with an acknowledged massage therapist in phases of healing supplement. The battery will operate a credit for up to 30 days.
  • A charging state. The charger can be applied as 110v and relevant to 240v sockets. The battery demands 45-50 minutes to replenish fully. The batteries are detachable.
  • A bonus black carrying box. Adjust the system and accessories, including the collection and charger in a small zippered state. The state is formed from a simple to wipe element with the trademark logo designed on its cover.

Are they valid? Is it that good?

There are several chief varieties with this Power Massager Pro slope. The Pro has an electrically excited knowledge, for pushing flame into the fibre tissue and even faster healing. Ultimately, the Pro variant approximately $200 extra.

So, should you promote?

The Pro is a greater massager, but the arrangement is relevant to you. It fetches $499, which is not a small buying. If you can get an excellent massage with merely the initial and more affordable form (which you can), then why spend additional?

Though, suppose you prefer the idea of the fiery knowledge (a nearly unprecedented opinion that some other massage guns give), the additional battery behaviour, and smoother execution. In that case, the Power Massager Pro might be for thou. Both massage guns are ready on the correct website and allow giving in 4 sections.


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How does it link to the theragun?

It is one of the great known impact massage guns on the demand in 2020, so how does the Timtam match? It’s essential to perceive that the Theragun appears in 3 various forms with several stories, so it's hard to correlate immediately.

What are clients saying about them?

The junket trial is in the dining, or so they assume, so what do users believe of the Timtam power massager?

The power massager has denoted a 'day changer'. That is a rather big call to perform, but this appears to be confirmed after the corresponding user requires that the design has changed his appearance and has served to secure his tissues feel more comfortable.

Another report says the design decreases the buildup of lactic corrosive within times of control and requirements like' the power massager.

It would appear that the result has been very favourably accepted and is as powerful as it deserves to be. From experts to games professionals, the stock has received rave reports all about.

Why do I need it?

If you have customarily spent assistance with a games massage therapist, you will understand that the healing period can be shortened. With the strength massager, remarkable events can be viewed as few as 30 moments, causing this valuable pattern. For those who wish to function severely and checked regularly, the power massager is a great escort.

After every exercise, applying the massager can defeat any corrosive lactic buildup and help heal any tiny powerful drops, suggesting that you rest on the prime method at all periods.

The power massager is enormously added efficient than a standard massage tool such as a froth roller (which can be moderately sharp and challenging to implement). Applying the power massager five times is indistinguishable from using a regular massager for moiety an hour, providing you the opportunity to experience your life.

Features of TimTam

The Timtam power massager has unique, unbelievable articles that put it directly at the head of its competition. Let’s get a glimpse at what performs this method a cut over the bottom.

Pocket Powermassager™ -

Pocket Powermassager™ - Price: $199.99 at TimTam Massager

Battery time

An extensive battery life shows to be two ages longer than the initial design, involving more extended massage gatherings for the user.

Quiet Operations

The massager is provided with the technology to guarantee that it works at a superficial level of sound, 25db to be accurate.

On Click Function

The moving trigger has an easy one tick function. It is so much more comfortable for you to apply the design to those challenging to strike areas and guarantee that process is as easy as attainable.

Antibacterial Plating

To check the extent of viruses or cross-contamination, the power massager highlights antibacterial plating, providing you with the rest of the thought that treatment is risk-free when it appears to your energy.

Lightweight and portable

The Timtam power massager is exceptionally lightweight (just 2.2lbs), meaning that control is easy and straightforward. The design is cordless for practice at any moment and everywhere.

Interchangeable Tips

Several tips can be changed according to demand requirements and which section of the body is pressed.

Massage Gun

Massage guns were manufactured to satisfy the passage among the standard foam roller and the fancy massage. Unlike froth rolling, which asks you to apply pressure to your tissues bodily, massage guns use all the weight for you. They also target more precise tissue membranes and enter more difficult than foam rolling. 

As a consequence, massage guns are great devices for preventative attention and healing. Professionals who include massage therapy into their therapy systems may enjoy a massage gun.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage concentrates on loosening stress in the lowest bands of tissue. However, they are among the most numerous rehabilitative techniques because they can utilize focused influence on your most challenging issues. 

They lead to be a tad difficult and may give you thinking pain, but they do miracles for clearing trigger features. Deep tissue massages also provide various advantages. For instance, they can reduce weight, improve flow, lower raised blood weight, reduce osteoarthritis pain, and cut down scar network. 

Regrettably, massage therapy's advantages don't exceed their expenses. Frequently pricey, they are questioning to do consistently. Applying a froth roller also isn't the standard type. While it's cheap, it needs coordination and power, which can conflict with most of us. If you have tissue clusters in hard-to-reach spaces, make yourself for several flailing when deciding to pinpoint them.

Best Massage guns

The TimTam Power Massager v1.2 is rated one of the best massage devices because it targets fields with much more energy. For instance, it allows up to 2000 blows per minute and 2500 RPMs (rotations per minute), whereas it's a most significant opponent, Theragun G2Pro, goes up to 2400 RPMs.

Perversely, the TimTam Power Massager v1.2 arrives with fewer confederates than the Theragun. Theragun G2PRO issues with six several accessories for different parts of your body can be used for scraping, trigger aims, or delicate operations. TimTam only begins with one extensive therapy cover—all other powers are sold individually. However, this is a short amount to spend on preparing a more affordable, more potent gun.

TimTam Recovery

Although the TimTam is very potent, it’s also moderately heavy and can’t be done in every situation. Its motor-powered character could be disruptive depending on where you apply it. Examine your TimTam Power Massager v1.5 devices out at place so you can understand how powerful it is and then utilize it away based on your experience. All massage guns are loud, so this isn’t a problem only with TimTam’s efforts.

Moreover, they are all guns that need you to acquire all of your extra accessories individually. The weapon only issues one wish, whereas the Theragun G2Pro, which extended out together, arrives with four. TimTam is famous because of its low value, but some may not understand this moves up for the truth that you’ll require to purchase most of the additions.

What I Like Nearly the TimTam Power Massager v1.5

TimTam v1.5 is the gun to rely on when blank else is going for tissue rehab and grief support! It applies the most active RPM’s (2500) of any firearm to decrease tissue tightness and excite blood movement for more rapid healing. 

The massager is so high-powered that you can recognize your very tissue blur demeaning the high-intensity massage. As it pulses, it “cures” the predicament area you’re operating on, definitely encouraging you limited and remain pain-free. The TimTam is also very simple to apply, frequently due to its 90-degree articulating energy, allowing you to prepare those tough-to-reach areas. 

As a condensed yet muscular machine, the TimTam v 1.5 has been created to last a great time. It is a terrific return method for anyone from a hardcore amateur to an infrequent exerciser. At $409.25, the TimTam is also significantly more affordable than any of its opponents.

How does the TimTam sense on your Back?

Relatively than just explaining the influence of the TimTam to you, I've also entered the following information for the impression it provides you when practised on various body regions.


 While I could give my tricks with little trouble, once I had a companion practice it on my pits and lower rear, I was even further surprised. It freed up my too fast tricks and my back in usual. Just make assured you withdraw the needle and joint knives! The sound is also somewhat disturbing while near your attention, to be honest.


 Although I could quickly implement it on my quads and yearlings, for my glutes, hams, and hamstrings, I lacked a companion to relinquish them—this a delightful event, if not significant. To be specific, this is where the energy is so vital because you can delve into penetrating states with more considerable tissue growth.


I invented it did fabulous work on both of these states; I could paint over the same paintbrush and observe the actual results without much trouble.

Final Thoughts

If you consume a quantity of time involved in practice or contests or expertise tissue injury and soreness, this massage gun would be a highly profitable venture. People love them for a purpose, and that’s because they serve. The variety of care is a vast motivator! The Timestamp is only one of several on the shop, but it is unquestionably one of the best kind (and most effective) massagers we’ve found.

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