Design Toscano Review 2024

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FREE SHIPPING! Enjoy FREE Shipping on Orders Over $69


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Up to 40% Off Valentine's Day Gift

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Up To 50% OFF Sale Items

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Sign Up And Get 10% Off First Order

Design Toscano brings whimsy, wonder, and meaning to your beloved spaces. Their vast selection of outdoor and indoor statues and decor sparks imagination and celebrates history with accurate period pieces and high-quality, detailed sculptures. 

Featured in Better Homes & Gardens, VICE, Houston Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Curbed, USA Today, and many other notable publications, Design Toscano is praised for its treasure cove of affordable decor. They have 43.3K followers on Instagram and Facebook combined. 

This Design Toscano review will take a good look at the brand and its bestsellers, fill you in on what customers have to say, provide information on discounts, and more. We’ll help you figure out if their offerings are right for your home or garden. 

Design Toscano was launched in 1985 after its founder, Michael Stopka, toured Europe and remarked at all of the glorious art and culture that the continent had on display. He wanted to bring the same quality experience to the US, but first making sure to put an attainable price tag on everything.  

Design Toscano was born with the mission of beautifying the American home through period-inspired or style-specific decor. The company designs 90% of their decor themselves, and has over 6K products to choose from. 

Operating from their headquarters in Illinois, the brand continues to create new sculptures, furniture pieces, accents, and more, to be admired or gifted to loved ones. Now, this Design Toscano review will move on to the brand’s pros and cons. 


  • Over 6,000 products available on the website across various home decor categories and themes 
  • Brings a taste of other cultures in and outside of the home
  • Vast selection of culture and era-specific pieces, ie. Design Toscano Egyptian statues, as well as Italian, Roman, Asian, Hawaiian decor
  • The brand has been in business for over 35 years 
  • 90% of pieces are designed and cast in-house 
  • All dimensions are listed in detail alongside product descriptions, many pieces are easily moveable 
  • High-quality; customers remark on the quality and aesthetic of the pieces
  • 10% off first order when signing up to their mailing list
  • 60-Day Return Policy


  • Manufacturing location is unknown
  • Some customers noticed design flaws upon receiving their sculptures, especially on larger pieces 
  • Shipping can be quite expensive for orders over $175
  • Not all items ship internationally 
  • Short period (24 hours) to notify them of any damages to your order

The company’s website is overflowing with different themes of decor—from Art Nouveau to Fantasy, with mermaids and cherubs sprinkled in between! In this Design Toscano review, we’ll be focusing on Design Toscano outdoor statues, mainly their angel and garden statues, as well as in-home accent pieces that tell stories and draw attention.

Design Toscano Angel Statues Review

Angel statues are revered for their breathtaking presence. This Design Toscano review will fly over the brand’s thoughtful and emotion-provoking celestial sculptures. These bestsellers are carefully crafted and intricately detailed. 

Design Toscano Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture: Large Review

Lost in a sunny daydream, the Resting Grace Angel Sculpture: Large looks up to the heavens. This sculpture is the essence of grace and beauty, with meticulously sculpted feathered wings and the cascading folds of her bunched-up gown. 

Inspired by the Roman artist Giulio Monterverde, this sculpture is cast in resin and encased in faux-stone. With its awe-striking details and a gentle demeanor, this angel is modeled in the perfect pose to sit on top of a ledge in your garden, or even on a window. Design Toscano recommends keeping it out of extreme winter conditions. 

The Resting Grace Angel Sculpture: Large measures 10½ W x 7 D x 18½ H in inches and weighs just 8 lbs (easy to move about). Enjoy this curious sculpture for $76. 

Design Toscano Remembrance and Redemption Angel Statue: Grande Review

Full of pain and sadness, this divine statue holds so much emotion, that it is almost mesmerizing to gaze upon. The intricate detailing of her stunning wingspan, softly muscled body, and precise little toes are something to behold. 

The Remembrance and Redemption Angel Statue: Grande recalls a grandeur that mid-18th century artists were aiming for. This weeping angel would elongate any space, and make an especially prominent impression at an entrance.  

The Remembrance and Redemption Angel Statue: Grande measures 14 W x 19½ D x 47 H inches. Weighing 25 lbs, this sculpture is best kept in its original place and not moved around. Add meaning and depth to your home with this statue for $399. 

Design Toscano Garden Statues Review

Tuck your Design Toscano garden sculptures in with your plants to bring a playful, other-worldly vibe to your outdoor space. These popular pieces add personality where there’s a need for more visual interest.  

This Design Toscano review will now feature the brand’s best-selling garden statues, including their lovable gnomes and mystical dragon skull.

Design Toscano Mother Dagmar & Father Friedmann Garden Gnome Statue Set Review

Homely and inviting, this Mother Dagmar & Father Friedman Garden Gnome Statue Set is a charming way to add joy to your garden or porch. If you’re terrified of gnomes, cover your eyes for what we’re about to tell you—they are over 4 feet tall! 

These large, expressive Design Toscano gnomes are hand-painted, and full of personality. Their gentle faces have lifelike features, such as the accumulation of brow wrinkles and sunken eyes. Mother Friedman has a glint in her eye as she twists her braid. The exact measurements for the gnomes cast in resin are:

  • Mother Dagmar: 23½ W x 20 D x 48 H inches
  • Father Friedemann: 19 W x 17 D x 49 H inches 

Nestle these Design Toscano garden gnomes in between your overflowing flower beds, or under an archway covered with vines. Wherever they are placed, just make sure that they won’t make you jump when arriving home after sundown.

Design Toscano Dragon Skull Sculpture: Large Review 

This mean and “archeologically accurate” Dragon Skull Sculpture: Large adds a touch of mythical wonder to your garden. Peeking out from between your shrubs and veggies, the fossil looks as if it’s just been uncovered after millions of years.  

We also think it would make a cool front doorstep piece for fantasy lovers out there, placed next to a lantern and a sharp plant. This Design Toscano dragon statue measures 18 W x 26 D x 18½ H inches, so it’s over 2 feet in length and weighs 22 lbs. 

Spice up your garden with this magnificently authentic-looking, resin-cast dragon skull for $165. Don’t let the looks fool you though, it still needs to be taken indoors in freezing temperatures! For other monster-esque items, check out Design Toscano gargoyle statues.

Is Design Toscano Worth It?

Design Toscano has an endless inventory of products suitable for everyone—from the light-hearted gardener to the hardcore antiques collector. Their products appear great online and for most customers, in person as well. Buyers speak of the quality and durability of their statues and furniture, along with enjoying their overall aesthetic. 

In terms of their angels, buyers should be aware that these are casts, meaning they’re not actually sculptures—they’re simply finished to look this way. Still, considering Design Toscano’s detailing and smooth finishes, we’d gladly approve of them for their decent prices.

Design Toscano Promotions & Discounts 

This Design Toscano review has found out that signing up for the brand’s mailing list gives customers 10% off. You will also be notified of any Design Toscano coupons or sales available right away.




Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung