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It's been so long since the fashion industry provided extraordinarily chic wardrobes for women who love to adorn themselves while saving some money. Apart from the expensive clothing brands, Lulus has always been on the frontline in the name of sophisticated women's clothing style. The modern wardrobe, which extends to infinite possibilities, can never reach the highest level of customer satisfaction until it fulfills the true desire of the women of today. According to the Lulus review, the ever-upgrading fashion, unique add-ons, top-notch fabric, and creative designs all these factors make a brand trustworthy. But when it comes to Lulus, you will feel different because it feels different while shopping at Lulus online store.


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Take 20% Off Full Priced Items


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Enjoy Free Shipping On All Orders Over $150

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Join & Get 15% Off Your First Order

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Up To 70% Off Sale Items


Lulus Logo

Lulus has the ability to catch customers' hearts. That's right. The eyes do observe what's going on, but it's the heart that desires for more. More what? More fashion. More clothing. Enhanced style. Colors, texture, dresses, tunics, shoes, sweaters, weddings!

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Lulus is a brand that purely came out of women's needs for unstoppable clothing demand. And of course, there's a team of women in Lulus that interprets the real deal when it comes to the pattern of women's shopping style. A man can never know what's inside her head, but he knows how to bring the business to its zenith. And that's how Lulus established the basic pillars of fashion clothing for women.

History of Lulus

The year 1994: The founding members had a discussion, well, that was the point where it was mandatory to choose one from the two options. What were the two options? It was the fate of Lulus on the line. Either Lulus or … no one knows!

The ballot was closed on two candidates. Either a Café or a Fashion Store. And the rest is history that we'll disclose in this Lulus clothing review.

Year 1996: Luck and hard work brought fate to a Northern California town. The fashion store started as a vintage store known as LuLu*s Fashion Lounge.

Year 2004: Fast-forward to 8 years, and it's time to rebrand the not any more vintage fashion store. The recommended label was Lulus.

Year 2005: The prolific era of digitalization! It was the year when Lulus made its presence in the online world. Though people believed that Lulus was already doing good, it was a wise decision that made Lulus one of the world's top fashion stores.

Year 2008: For an organized business execution and the smart utilization of resources, Lulus went totally digital and sold the physical store.

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Year 2010: This time, Lulus invited women from diverse backgrounds who share a similar mindset in fashion. The reason behind this union was to build a strong community and strengthen the brands simultaneously.

Year 2013: Lulus started to fund campaigns that aimed towards better education opportunities and foster women empowerment in all spheres of life. This was not limited to the working class, but any woman who loves fashion clothing can become eligible for that program.

In the same year, Lulus launched its first-ever #lovelulus. This hashtag now has 4billion+ impressions with thousands of real images of women sparkling in Lulus dresses.

Year 2016: Lulus celebrated two successful decades full of fashion, hard work, honesty, and trend. That celebration gave Lulus a new logo.

Year 2018: Lulus began providing footwear collection. That collection had basic and exclusive leather shoes, and also Lulus started a collaboration with different brands.

This created rumors asking that is Lulus legit. Well, the answer was YES. Lulus has a decent work history, and when it comes to brand expansion, people started to meddle in Lulus legitimacy.

Year 2019: Lulus opened a fulfillment center to operate better and faster. The center is located in Pennsylvania, from where you can get your items and save time.

It's also a response to those who asked is Lulus legit.

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Trending at Lulus

The trend at Lulus seldom remains constant. The reason is that Lulus works 24/7, and whenever there is any clothing brand that shows some unique activity, Lulus brings it to you in no time.

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Lulus New Arrivals

The winter season is almost here, so does Lulus fresh pieces. It's time to discover what's worthy of your money because when Lulus launches the dresses in new arrivals, saying no won't be a good idea. If you don't get it, someone else will.


Winter Kisses Burgundy Mock Neck Cutout Midi Sweater Dress - Price: $15 at Lulus

The exclusive item in the winter collection! Lulus knows how much trendy the sweaters are. And here is the Sweet Comforts Cream Turtleneck for you. It's the stylish bodice and its closing at the abdomen that gives a sizzling look. Although the temperature will drop low, once you wear this sweater, you will likely set fire in the hearts!

The fabric is unlined, with much room for the body. The turtleneck is the new sexy. That's why your appearance will enchant the surrounding. Long sleeves give you a ravishing look by revealing your pretty hands.

Layer on the Cozy Beige Multi Plaid Oversized Shacket

Cuddle Moment Beige Multi Plaid Fringe Jacket - Price: $69 at Lulus

Put on layers that look chic and save you from harsh winter at the same time. The Multi Plaid Oversized Shacket by Lulus is the best fit to enjoy winters in class. From the top-quality black, brown, and red fabric, this shacket enables you to reflect awesomeness during cold nights. Equip yourself with high-waisted denim and boots to complete your style with the Lulus trending shacket.

Get this new winter arrival by activating the Lulus discount code.

Cassay Black Crocodile-Embossed Platform Slip-On Sneakers

Cassay Black Crocodile-Embossed Platform Slip-On Sneakers - Price: $38 at Lulus

When fashion meets the needs, Lulus Cassay Black Crocodile-Embossed Platform Slip-On Sneakers take the stage. This pair of sneakers is elegantly built to maintain perfection while your feet and fingers breathe easily. The rounded peak is roomy, and one can never complain about feeling some kind of irritation. The sole is also provides cushioning so that you can have ease of walking miles ahead.

For the students who are envying fashion footwear, grab the Lulus student discount deal and get your sneakers from Lulus right away!

Final Words

Lulus is a brand that offers purity in clothing and fashion in footwear. From the hottest trends to the alluring winter collection, once you step into the Lulus world, there is no going back empty-handed. There are numerous Lulus promotions going on. Keep a check on Lulus deals to save money while shopping with Lulus.

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung

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